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Connect with customers seamlessly across channels

Email marketing

Send rich, engaging emails with dynamic content, like recommended products.

An email with an image of a cosmetics dropper that reads: "Picked for you! Based on other products you enjoy, we bet you'll love our Blissful Body Serum. Check it out."
SMS marketing

Reach your most engaged VIP customers. You can even have 2-way conversations.

A text message with an image of cosmetics that reads: Alice, you've earned $10 in VIP rewards! Why not try our Silk Body Serum in Blissful Collection? Shop now at https://klv1.io/fGu15
Mobile push

Boost engagement and delight customers with perfectly timed notifications.

A push notification on a mobile phone that reads: "Order delivered. Alice, your package has arrived. Enjoy!"

Build trust and increase sales by collecting and showcasing customer-written reviews.

An email with an image of a woman applying cosmetics that reads: "Our new Blissful Silk Body Serum is a hit!" followed by a customer review: "05/12/23. Alice L. Skin looks and feels flawless!" Five stars."

Guide your marketing with AI, predictive analytics, and benchmarks

Fully understand your customers

Comprehensive profiles paint a full picture of each customer’s past, present, and future.

Recommend products they’ll love

Now that you know so much about your customers, introduce them to their next favorite product.

Track success across channels

Accurate attribution demystifies conversion tracking, for reporting that shows you the money.

Let AI do the writing for you

SMS and email campaigns, segments, responses to reviews — it’s all smart and instant.

Reach exactly the right people

Build real-time segments using any mix of predictive, profile, and activity data from across your tech stack.

Keep outdoing yourself

Peer benchmarks show how you stack up against similar brands, with clear guidance for improvement.

Activate your data in real-time to better target, personalize, and measure

Our unified platform puts brands in
control of their growth

Klaviyo is all-in-one, not one-size-fits-all

Retail and DTC

Grow your audience, customer lifetime value, and total sales