Ecommerce marketing automation platform

Maximize your ROI
from email and SMS

Ecommerce brands are facing inflation and an ever-changing digital landscape. Our famed personalization engine is helping them strengthen retention and grow profitably.
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Purposeful personalization

Successful emails deliver the most relevant content to a customer at the right time—which is why our segmentation tool is so incredibly powerful.

You can easily engage with your customers based on how they interact with your brand, automatically sending everything from abandoned cart emails to product recommendations based on past purchases.

Reach them in the moment

Clue customers in on what’s happening right now—like price drop alerts, cart reminders, and shipping updates. You can even have 2-way conversations. It’s like a friendly tap on the shoulder, long distance.

Make them feel seen, not targeted

Combine SMS, email, and customer data into multi-channel magic. The Klaviyo customer platform brings it all together, with new and better ways for acquiring, retaining, and reengaging customers.

Access to
all your data
in one place

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Steep growth, without a steep learning curve

A timeline of a customer’s activity in the Klaviyo automation platform.

Klaviyo seamlessly connects to your online store and other tools—with just a few clicks. From then on, your customer data is always on hand, updated in real time.

A timeline of a customer’s activity in the Klaviyo automation platform.
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