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Everything you need to know about ecommerce personalization. Discover how you can use Customer-First Data to sell more.

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Your guide to becoming customer-first

Data and marketing have a long history. Data shows marketers which tactics are most effective, and marketers use data about their audience to make those strategies even more powerful—all to sell more, while leaving customers more likely to return.

So, how do marketers today spin their data into gold without chasing away privacy-prone customers? The answer lies in your Customer-First Data.

Customer-First Data is information sourced directly from your audience. Unlike third-party data, you have total ownership and control of Customer-First Data—because it’s collected with the knowledge, permission and explicit consent of your prospects and customers.

Using your Customer-First Data is the opposite of a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. Rather, the goal is to create one-to-one experiences with your site visitors, subscribers, and customers at scale. Any time someone interacts with your brand, they can either feel like just another website visitor—or like your brand cares about them beyond their money.

In our Customer-First Data guide, you’ll learn how brands like Wilkinson Sword, Dermalogica, and The Couture Club create and enrich relationships with their audience through automated experiences that feel individualized, as well as:

  • The Customer-First Data basics
  • The importance of customer-first personalization for the privacy-first web
  • 3 components of customer-first personalization

Why invest in Customer-First Data?

Average purchase rate Wilkinson Sword saw from personalized welcome series
Opt-in rate 111SKIN saw to their marketing list after quiz
Increase in Dermalogica's AOV after onsite personalization