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Unique sessions

The Klaviyo team and all-star guest experts shared practical strategies, frameworks, and tips to accelerate ecommerce sales with everything from email A/B testing to SEO for ecommerce.


1:1 sessions

Ever wanted to sit down and get your Klaviyo questions answered in person? You’re not alone! These personalized 1:1 sessions were in such high demand that we had to add more.


Incredible days

There’s nothing like being surrounded by hundreds of people who talk about ecommerce marketing the same way you do. Every Klaviyo user should get to experience this!

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Klaviyo’s Product Roadmap
Jake Cohen, Director of Product, Klaviyo

This year, Klaviyo released 40+ new features and helped our customers make more than $1B in revenue. See how Klaviyo gives you what you need to build better relationships with your customers.


Email A/B Testing: Beyond The Subject Line
Abby Siciliano, Senior Strategist, Email & CRM, Elite SEM

Which does better, plain-text or image-heavy emails? How about % or $ off promotions? The answers may surprise you. Get ready to check out real-life email A/B tests and what you need to keep in mind to get the most actionable results.


The Truth About Marketing
Agata Celmerowski, VP Marketing, Klaviyo

Where are we as an industry, and how should our current reality impact the way we approach marketing? Discover the 5 Brutal Truths about marketing – and 5 mindsets we we need to adopt to be successful.


Decoding Deliverability
Will Boyd, Senior Email Delivery Consultant, SendGrid

Keep the emails you send far away from the spam folder! If you’re constantly being told to “send it to everyone” this is a session you can’t miss. Get the inside scoop on best practices you can utilize to make sure your emails reach your subscribers and customers.

Looking back at Klaviyo:BOS 2018

"Great content and speakers. I look forward to next year! I'll be bringing my team with me next time."

klaviyo:bos last day
the klaviyo team

“One of the best conference experiences I've had. The attention to detail and focus on individuals was astounding. A great balance of learning, networking and fun.”

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