Klaviyo segmentation drives 19% more revenue for Rumpl

Industry: Sporting GoodsPlatform: Shopify


of revenue attributed to Klaviyo comes from email flows


of revenue 2021-2022 attributed to Klaviyo emails

Feeling warm and cozy in a sleeping bag doesn’t need to be an experience you only have while traveling.

Wylie Robinson and a friend realized this on a road trip after waking up freezing in a van that wouldn’t start. Far from town (and cell reception), they bundled up in sleeping bags and waited for a good Samaritan. And they were actually pretty warm and comfortable.

Sensing an opportunity, they put together two prototypes of blankets and quickly realized the versatility of their products. A successful Kickstarter campaign followed, demonstrating how much room for innovation the blanket category held.

Learn how Klaviyo’s segmentation helped Rumpl keep their messaging personal


Criteria like sizing doesn’t apply to blankets the way it does with clothing and shoes. Gender and age tend not to affect a shopper’s blanket preferences either. But Rumpl didn’t want to speak to one big audience—they needed to find a way to keep their messaging personal and true to each customer.


Rumpl integrated Klaviyo with software such as Yotpo, an ecommerce marketing platform, and Gorgias, a virtual helpdesk. With this additional data about their customers, Klaviyo not only set Rumpl up with better flows, but also provided more information about their customers. This empowered Rumpl to make better decisions around targeting and content.

Since becoming a customer, we’ve dramatically increased the revenue we drive via email campaigns and email automation.

Shane Roach, Director of digital revenue, Rumpl


Based on the behavioral data Klaviyo unifies, Rumpl was able to fine-tune their segmenting and organize their customers in Klaviyo with tags. With this deeper understanding of their shoppers, the Rumpl team can now better personalize experiences for subscribers and customers.

We send different segments to our Facebook Advertising account based on customers’ email behavior or products they visited. Our CX teams can also see recent email activity when they’re working in Gorgias. Klaviyo makes it easy to ensure all of our different touchpoints are connected.

Shane Roach, Director of digital revenue, Rumpl