Represent’s 2 Winning Black Friday Tactics—Outside of Discounts

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 in email revenue during Black Friday 2020


of all Black Friday revenue came from email


purchase rate from automated emails

Trendsetters across the world know and love Represent, a luxury British fashion brand, for their high-end streetwear. In just the last year, they’ve tripled their annual revenue—25% of which came from email marketing.

Like many brands, Black Friday is critical to Represent’s growth. So how does a brand with this kind of success approach their biggest event of the year? Read on to find out.

1. A Black Friday product launch to complement killer deals

It almost goes without saying that Represent offers their customers excellent deals during Black Friday. People who are part of their loyalty program even get early access to these deals, leading to more repeat purchases and higher customer lifetime value.

But as a brand focused on long-term growth, Represent knows discounts aren’t the only thing that their customers are looking for. That’s why they add to the excitement of Black Friday with a new product launch.

To keep our customers coming back for something fresh, we regularly launch new products. But we save the best for the night of Black Friday. Our Black Friday Collection includes the products we know people will want, and it drives a lot of revenue.

Ricky Jennings, Ecommerce Development Manager, Represent

To get customers excited about the new product, Represent sends out a teaser email, featuring a bold countdown timer to drive urgency and hype.

represent email sent for a product countdown

Then, when the new product is live, customers get an email with a reminder that they can also use their loyalty points. These product launch emails, which don’t even include a discount, drove a click rate 3X industry averages (based on Klaviyo’s benchmark data) and an astonishing £188k in revenue—which is especially impressive for a non-discounted product during the biggest sales event of the year.

Screenshot of a product launch email from Represent.

2. Always-on automations that drove the Black Friday sale home

Alongside Represent’s Black Friday email campaigns like this product launch, an unsung hero drove a surprising amount of purchases. Plus, it didn’t require any time from the Represent team during the busy Black Friday flurry.

What’s this magical tactic that creates revenue without time investment? Represent’s automated emails, like their abandoned cart series. These emails drove an 8.3% purchase rate during Black Friday, which is over 4X the industry average based on Klaviyo’s data.

Why are these emails so effective? Because they’re based on someone’s actual behavior, like what products they add to their cart and how they interact with Represent’s website.

They’re also perfectly timed, since they automatically send to a customer while someone has just interacted with and is thinking about the brand.

We have customer journeys in place to retarget people, and these drive a lot of revenue, especially during Black Friday. We know these flows will funnel people into the right place to make them more likely to make a purchase.

Ricky Jennings, Ecommerce Development Manager, Represent
Abandoned cart email sent with product recommendations

What happens after Black Friday?

Represent’s Black Friday strategies give customers exciting new products and personalized email experiences to keep people coming back to the brand—so it’s probably not surprising loyalty is Represent’s number one priority after Black Friday.

After the Black Friday sale, we educate our customers on the benefits of our loyalty program. This keeps them engaged and more likely to return to our brand to shop again, which is the most valuable thing that can come from Black Friday.

Ricky Jennings, Ecommerce Development Manager, Represent

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