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Let data from 2,000 consumers and 350 brands across Europe inform your Black Friday plans. Get the guide to learn key stats, takeaways, and proven examples of what works—even amid inflation.

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In this guide, you’ll learn what both consumers and brands are planning for this Black Friday. Use the data to make sure your Black Friday promotions will surprise and delight your customers—and stand out during the busiest sale period of the year.

67% of UK consumers plan to buy something during Black Friday

Black Friday is a must for all brands

Black Friday is going to be huge for European retail this year—yes, even bigger than Boxing Day, according to these survey respondents. Even if you don’t have a deep discount—or a discount at all—it’s an important weekend to engage with your customers.

74% of businesses plan to make changes before/during Black Friday due to inflation

Inflation makes marketing more competitive

Most businesses report a negative impact from inflation and cost of living increases, so it makes sense that they plan to make changes in the coming months. As a rule, more brands plan to increase marketing spend, increase product offerings, and do more promotions as a result of inflation—so expect marketing to get more competitive in the coming months.

92% of consumers overestimate how many brands will raise prices before Black Friday

Brands have an opportunity to delight customers

People predict more price changes than actually will happen, which is a great opportunity for businesses. Brands that can keep prices the same—or make minimal changes that they clearly communicate—can build loyalty and brand relationships during this time.

More insight into how consumers plan to shop:

say inflation will impact their spending
plan to focus their shopping during sales due to inflation
say Black Friday is their biggest shopping day of the year
are waiting to buy items to see if they go on sale

Based on responses from 2,000 UK consumers.

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