Due-date personalisation drives 36% of revenue for pregnancy wellbeing champions Momkind

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After the birth of her first baby, Nanna Schultz was taken aback by how little is spoken about maternal wellbeing. But instead of feeling defeated, she saw an opportunity to create change. In 2018 she founded Momkind, a community that supports pregnant women and new mothers and lifts the taboos surrounding pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

The Danish brand soon expanded into ecommerce with a range of products designed to alleviate the challenges associated with pregnancy and birth. Every product is developed and tested in the community’s Momkind Lab.

Momkind is about all the difficult, wild and crazy things you experience when becoming a mother. It’s a space where together we can create a little more room for all ways of being a mother.
Nanna Schultz
Founder, Momkind

Learn how Ackermann built personalised customer journeys for the mum-friendly community  


By 2020 Momkind was achieving excellent audience engagement but list growth and sales were slow. The brand was doing lots of the right things but needed to find a way to scale its marketing activities. The small team had lots of creative ideas – like sending a weekly newsletter that’s tailored to a mum-to-be’s due date – but they were unable to implement them using Mailchimp. The brand needed help to find a better solution.


Momkind appointed email agency Ackermann to develop and implement a marketing automation programme. Ackerman recommended switching to Klaviyo because the platform is built for ecommerce and makes email marketing entirely scalable. Klaviyo can also collect custom fields of data, such as a pregnancy due date, via highly-customisable sign-up forms.

Momkind wanted to create a highly-personalised automated email series that follows a mother as she goes through the different stages of pregnancy and focuses on her experience and the challenges pregnancy brings. Klaviyo has allowed us to execute this vision.
Nicolai Alstrøm

Additionally, as the platform fully integrates with Woocommerce, all transactional emails, such as order confirmations, can be sent via Klaviyo so that they look and feel on brand. Another integration with Facebook advertising allows Momkind to create lookalike audiences it can target via paid campaigns.


Momkind drives subscriber acquisition with fresh, frank content that keeps the audience engaged during pregnancy and beyond. When women sign up to receive emails they’re asked for their due date, which triggers a flow of weekly newsletters tailored to their stage of pregnancy. So whether a subscriber has just discovered they’re pregnant or is about to give birth, the content will be on point. Other segments for partners, new mums, and women trying to conceive are handled differently. 

The brand is also sensitive to how devastating baby loss is and so when someone unsubscribes from the newsletter, the due date is automatically removed from their profile. That way, it can’t trigger an email that could be upsetting. 

To convert subscribers into customers, Ackermann has built multiple automations designed to maximise sales conversion into the customer journey. A welcome email series offering a 10% discount converts 21% and boasts an impressive 86% open rate. This is followed by a flow that introduces the founder and the community’s ethos, to engage with subscribers early on and build trust. 

The abandoned cart flow is effective too. Shoppers are tempted back first with free shipping and then a 10% discount. This layered approach works wonders and the flow converts 9.5% of abandoned carts. 

We’re thrilled with how well email is performing for Momkind. And this has been achieved without ever compromising on the brand or its mission.
Nicolai Alstrøm

Timing is everything when it comes to marketing pregnancy-related products, so having a subscriber’s due date is priceless. It means that Momkind can recommend the right products at the right time. For example, an email flow promoting postpartum care boxes is sent to women when they enter their third trimester, which is when they’ll probably be thinking about packing a hospital bag for the big day.

Community is everything at Momkind. Nurturing our relationship with our community through delivering personalised, meaningful content via Klaviyo is critical to our success. With Ackermann’s help, email marketing is one of our top-performing channels yielding the highest ROI.
Lauren Klarskov
Ecommerce & B2B Manager, Momkind
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