Honeylove consolidates email + SMS in Klaviyo and drives 194% revenue growth

Industry: Apparel and accessoriesPlatform: Shopify Plus


YoY growth in Klaviyo-attributed revenue from 2022


QoQ growth in revenue from flows in Q4 2022

Honeylove is an apparel company born on an EDM stage.

Founder Betsie Larkin spent years as a dance music vocalist, touring and performing in suboptimal shapewear. It rolled down. It squeezed where it shouldn’t. She started Honeylove to create a better alternative—and the first product went viral.

Today, the company catalog ranges from shapewear to sculpting athleisure apparel and intimates.

How Honeylove created a “beautiful experience” with Klaviyo flows


Honeylove had foundational flows set up in Klaviyo before Mandi Moshay joined the team as director of ecommerce, and they were ready for testing and optimization. But they were mostly email-only.

With email on Klaviyo and SMS on Postscript, multi-channel flows were hard to build seamlessly. And SMS flows barely existed—the channel was mostly campaigns.

“With Postscript, we couldn’t get real-time data on email engagement to better segment our SMS messages,” Moshay says.


Honeylove decided to leave Postscript and move SMS to Klaviyo to get email and SMS on the same platform.

The migration more than paid off: Klaviyo made reporting on performance easier for Moshay and her team, and empowered them to create “a really beautiful experience whether you’re subscribed to just one channel or both.”


In Q4 2022, Moshay started implementing a more cohesive email and SMS strategy. Klaviyo’s benchmarks, aggregated from an anonymized cohort of Honeylove’s 100 most similar peers on the platform, helped Moshay find Honeylove’s biggest growth opportunity: upgrading key flows.

Moshay tackled this by:

  • Integrating SMS into email flows: Honeylove’s welcome flow now includes multiple SMS messages—so even if a double subscriber opts out of email midway through, they still get all essential info.
  • Highlighting sculpting apparel and intimates: Key flows now highlight Honeylove’s full product line, emphasizing everyday apparel like bras and outerwear alongside shapewear.
  • A/B testing updates: In Klaviyo, Moshay can easily A/B test tweaks to flow tweaks, and see what measurably lifts KPIs like click rate and place order rate.
Working with Klaviyo, it feels like we are only limited by our imagination and we don’t end up blocked by the technology.
Mandi Moshay
Director of ecommerce, Honeylove

“I’ve worked in dozens of different email platforms and SMS platforms, and two things set Klaviyo apart,” Moshay says. “One, the customer support from people who are deeply fluent in the platform. Two, Klaviyo consistently iterates on functionality and user experience. Working with Klaviyo, it feels like we are only limited by our imagination and we don’t end up blocked by the technology.”

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