Zapier Makes New Integrations With Klaviyo Even Easier

Zapier Makes New Integrations With Klaviyo Even Easier

Klaviyo’s integrations team is always hard at work building new integrations. We want to make sure you can see customer behavior on your website, in your ecommerce store, in your support system, and elsewhere. Over 95% of Klaviyo customers are using one or more integrations to get a full view of their customers.

However, there are far more apps than we can ever build integrations for. While this liberates merchants to choose the best tools for their business, it can be time-consuming to connect some of those apps yourself.

That’s why we’re very pleased to announce another way to build the integrations that you need. Zapier helps people connect apps and automate workflows without having to write any code. They offer Zaps with over 1,000 apps, including Google Apps, Slack, Asana, and more. Zapier’s goal is to automate away the tedious work of transferring, integrating, and updating data in the key tools that you use to run your business.

The Zapier team has released a new integration with Klaviyo. This powerful integration allows you to create or update profiles, add profiles to a list, and create new events in Klaviyo.

The possibilities for your store are endless:

  • Send new Tradegecko contacts to Klaviyo
  • Add subscribers to Klaviyo from Leadpages leads and submissions
  • Add Klaviyo events from ShipStation orders
  • Add Klaviyo contacts and events from InfusionSoft contacts and invoices
  • Add subscribers to Klaviyo from Squarespace form submissions
  • Create Klaviyo events from LiveChat conversations

If you’re already using Zapier to automate your business operations, visit their site to learn how to extend your workflows into Klaviyo. If you’d like to get started, you can sign up for a new Zapier account here. You’ll need both a Zapier and a Klaviyo account to use this integration.

Let us know how you’re using Zaps to automate your workflows and connect your systems! We love to hear what our customers are doing so that we can build more great features to support your business.

If you have tips to share with other Klaviyo customers or suggestions for how to make Klaviyo even better, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at with “I have an idea” in the subject line.

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