How The Elephant Pants Trumpets Brand Communication

The Elephant Pants logo over a pattern of elephants as a lead image for customer brand communication post

The Elephant Pants is a company that wears its elephant heart on its…pants (as well as its tops, bags, and accessories). This fair-trade fashion brand partners with elephant welfare organizations and lives by its motto “Save elephants. Feel good.” Mixing ecommerce savvy with a strong social cause focus, they are able to donate $1 for every item sold to elephant conservation organizations to help create a future where elephants thrive!

Website for The Elephant Pants showing a selection of harem pants, yoga, jewelry and kimonos. Top block shows "comfort for a cuase" and tag that notes $1 per every item sold is donated to organizations dedicated to saving elephants"

But don’t think that just because they’re a cause-focused company, they aren’t an ecommerce success. Far from it. In the four years they’ve been in business, they’ve sold over 600,000 pairs of pants. Their marketing and business savvy helped them become Shark Tank winners in 2017 with fellow fashion entrepreneur Daymond John investing in their company. Just as important, they’re delivering on their mission, donating over $184,000 so far to elephant welfare organizations.

Email marketing built on a foundation of smart segmentation and automation is a key component to The Elephant Pants growing, understanding, and engaging with their customers. Having distinctive brand communications is an important differentiator for The Elephant Pants, helping them thrive in a saturated apparel market. Their emails are infused with a strong brand voice and feel that resonates throughout their community building efforts, their marketing, and their products.  

“Nowadays, everyone and their mother is sending emails. It’s one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to reach a person with a message. We want people to be excited about getting an email from us.”

Emailing through the lifecycle

The Elephant Pants focuses on brand communication throughout the customer lifecycle, adding their memorable special sauce to a well-designed email marketing strategy.

Their first email to new customers sets the branded feeling of being welcomed into their herd as “phamily” so well that we profiled them as a customer who does welcome series right!

Welcome series email titled "Welcome to the Elephant Pants Phamily!" with welcome message explaining their mission, then 10% discount, then blocks of pants for sale, followed by buttons for product categories
The Elephant Pants’ welcome flow 1st email

The Elephant Pants does more than just create an amazing email series, though. They look at the big picture of how to engage customers throughout the customer lifecycle. They’ve integrated Klaviyo with their review vendors, collecting over 25,000 product reviews which drive more potential customers their way. They use dynamic blocks for building and sending email campaigns quickly and easily, and they build dynamic flows that they run automatically at many customer touchpoints including welcome series, abandoned carts, and win-backs. Their customer acquisition is done in large part through email and social, with an acquisition cost that is only ⅛ of the customer’s lifetime value (LTV). And speaking of LTV, 35% of their business is repeat business from happy members of the Elephant Pants’ herd.

Communicating Strategically

Their strategy is working. In only four short years, the company has grown 4,582% and was listed as #80 on the Inc. 5000 list in 2017 – so it’s safe to say The Elephant Pants’ brand is going strong!

Brand marketing is more than simply creating a strong brand look and feel, the communication has to be relevant to the customer as well. Nathan C., CEO and Founder of The Elephant Pants, offered up 3 must haves for effective email communication.

Segment. “Not every consumer is in the same stage within their buying cycle so the same message will not work on everyone. We think about what the consumer has done or not done to segment them into a specific group so we can curate the message that they will receive.”

Automate. “If we are going to create actual long term value out of our consumers than we need to have real data points about them. Our repeat business is a little over 35%, in large part due to the dynamic flows we’ve been able to automatically run through Klaviyo. Our goal is to be able to create automatic touch points that engage and bring the consumer back without much effort from our team. If we had to manually create each touch point there is no way we could be profitable. Our ability to create a system with automatic flows and segmentation is the only way the business will succeed.”

Gather comprehensive and exact data. “Having as much data as possible about each consumer is vital to creating these valuable segments that can have tangible differences between them. The data we can and do gather is comprehensive and exact. We don’t want to guess or assume.”

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