Use SMS and MMS Campaigns to Send Text Messages to Your Customers

After being able to send text messages to your subscribers through Klaviyo’s Flow Builder  you can send SMS and MMS through campaigns, as well! 

With SMS campaigns, you can send text messages to your subscribers for any occasion, sale, deal, promotion, or experience. And like with every campaign you send, you have the power of Klaviyo’s segmentation behind your new SMS campaigns to help you send your messages to a highly-targeted audience every time. 

Wondering how you might use SMS campaigns? Here are a few examples:

  • Message your VIP customers about an upcoming sale. 
  • Send a text to local customers about an upcoming event. 
  • Send a link for a new product to a segment of recent purchasers. 

Any segment you can think of, you can create it in seconds. When you combine SMS campaigns with Klaviyo’s segmentation and message personalization options, you can drive more sales from your text message marketing. 

Want to see how you can start sending SMS campaigns in Klaviyo? 

To start, you can send a text message campaign the same way you would an email. Right off the bat, you can choose whether you want to send an email, SMS, or push notification. 


Klaviyo create campaign builder dashboard

Then, just like when you send an email, you can select your audience. You can choose to send your SMS campaign to any number of pre-built segments and exclude any segments, as well. 

When you send an SMS campaign, the expected recipient count will tell you the estimated number of people who will receive your text and it will automatically remove anyone who has not previously given their consent to receive SMS—this will help you make sure you only send your messages to the people who have said they want to hear from you. 

Smart Sending is also available for SMS campaigns. This ensures your recipients won’t get multiple texts from you over a designated time frame. The default Smart Sending window is four hours, but that’s adjustable in the account settings.

SMS campaigns flow dashboard in Klaviyo platform

Once you set your audience, you can start building your text message. The campaign builder works the same way as it does when you build text messages in Flows. You can automatically shorten links to reduce your character count and you can quickly add emojis with a built-in emoji picker.

You can also make any message an MMS by adding an image or GIF. MMS doesn’t even cost anything extra to send! So, you can send beautiful product pictures to entice buyers or funny GIFs to add your personality at no extra cost. But, those are just the basics.

MMS campaign for Black Friday in Klaviyo marketing platform

With Klaviyo SMS, you can go beyond the basics and personalize every text using any and all data about your customers.

In just two clicks, you can include information directly from a customer’s profile into your message. You can use standard information like their first name or more unique pieces of information like their birthday. You can even reference their favorite product category if you know it. The options are endless.

Klaviyo campaign builder in its marketing platform

With SMS campaigns, you can use Klaviyo to build and manage all of your customer experiences and communicate with the perfect audience across their preferred channels.

Send an MMS to increase clicks and generate more engagement at no extra cost.

Finally, Klaviyo’s personalization and targeting options allow you to generate more revenue with every text message campaign you send.

Learn more about how to send SMS campaigns in our help center or log in now to send your first SMS campaign.

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