Case Study: Rocketbook (And Getting Obsessed With Being Different)

Rocketbook Case Study

This year, Rocketbook will sell nearly a million units, and not all through their Shopify store.

In fact, the majority of their cutting-edge notebooks will be sold through Amazon, brick and mortar stores, and large-quantity custom orders.

But the company will still use Klaviyo to communicate with those buyers.

How is this possible?

To answer this question, you need to start with some background on their products.

The magic of a Rocketbook is that it’s reusable. You write on the pages and erase (or microwave) them clean. But first, you photograph them with the Rocketbook app to store your notes for easy reference.

And to get up and running with the app, you provide your email address and answer a persona-based question.

App usage provides Rocketbook with a comprehensive picture of how their users are engaging with its products, regardless of where they bought them.

By sending usage and persona-based data into Klaviyo, the marketing team can send super-relevant email messages that strengthen the relationship Rocketbook has with its customers.

For our latest case study, we talked with Joe Lemay, Rocketbook’s CEO, and Andie Missert, who runs Rocketbook’s email marketing.

From taking notes to staying in touch with their customers, the team is all about doing things better. And that means not having to be like everybody else.

“Get obsessed with being different,” Joe says. “Look across your industry and say, ‘What’s everyone else doing? And how can I do it differently?’”

Swimming against the current can be a good way to stand out, especially when it pushes you to aim higher with your product — and your customer communication.

“Going the opposite direction of conventional wisdom in a way that works is a good obsession to have,” Joe says.

“In a world where everyone’s inboxes are filling up, how can you not look like other people? If you can do it in a way that works, that can be a real competitive advantage.”

Want to see how Rocketbook’s data-backed, persona-driven marketing gives them a competitive advantage? Read the full case study.

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