How Rocketbook Uses Crowdfunding and Its Owned Marketing Channels to Launch New Products

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Rocketbook creates products that help you get your brainstorms and ideas onto a notebook or a whiteboard. You may know them from Shark Tank where they pitched their first product—a notebook you could put in the microwave. They didn’t get a deal, but they went on to have huge success.

This week on Ready, Set, Grow, I sat down with Andie Missert, marketing manager of Rocketbook to hear how the brand is using its owned marketing channels to power the crowdfunding strategy it uses to launch new products.

Listening to customer insights

With over a million app users, Rocketbook knows how important it is to be able to communicate with each of their four occupation personas. That’s why whenever someone registers a Rocketbook product via their app, they ask them to select what type of user they are.

This information has been helpful in determining what to send to each audience and to examine how different segments respond to different messaging. For example, they know that many of their professional users would be interested in their integration with Slack, which they’ve now built into their onboarding flow using dynamic blocks.

Using this data to power crowdfunding

For major new product launches, Rocketbook loves to use crowdfunding websites. Rocketbook used Kickstarter for two months to promote their new product, Beacons, and broke down their email sends by segment during that time.

For this campaign, they sent an email to those who fell into their educator segment who had also never backed them on Kickstarter before. The results were amazing. Their open rates for this segment soared, ultimately, because many of those in the segment likely didn’t know that Rocketbook was even on Kickstarter. The brand also parlayed the success of this campaign into one that positioned the new product as a great companion product that educators could use alongside their existing Rocketbook.

Having used a crowdfunding strategy in the past, Rocketbook understands there’s a wave that comes with crowdfunding. They try to drive traffic to their campaign on Thursdays and Fridays, which historically have performed the best for them.

What you can learn from Rocketbook

If you’re interested in exploring crowdfunding for new product launches, think about the different types of personas you speak to and ultimately what the most compelling message would be for them.

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