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Klaviyo introduces more ownership, flexibility, and scalability for modernizing enterprise ecommerce

Emily Riedy, June 23rd 2022
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What if you could wear the same pair of shoes from when you were a young kid, to when you’re a fully grown adult? If a product existed that grew with you—for you?

Bad news: humans haven’t invented self-stretching shoes…yet.

Good news: Klaviyo has built a platform that can adapt to the demands of your business as it grows. No matter the size.

We don’t limit your creativity—we expand what’s possible for your brand and the experiences you can create for your audience. We do this all while allowing you to call the shots, maintain ownership, and build authentic, personalized marketing moments.

We have two major announcements that will empower all brands, big and small, to use their data to drive sales, build customer connections and loyalty, and reimagine what it means to achieve personalization at scale:

Didn’t catch the event? Here’s what you missed:

Klaviyo One: an enterprise-grade platform to meet the complex needs of your business

The status quo won’t cut it anymore. Ecommerce is changing, consumer habits are evolving, and outdated, unstable, inflexible environments will prevent you from delivering on the experiences you and your customers want.

How enterprise companies in the past have built and maintained complicated tech stacks with countless point solutions can’t rise to the occasion of what 2022 and beyond demands.

“As things get more complex, we at Klaviyo think, ‘How can we simplify?’ Or at least, ‘How do we put you more in control, give you more ownership, and more confidence?’,” says Andrew Bialecki, CEO and co-founder of Klaviyo.

“Confidence that you can keep growing and continue increasing sales—even as you’re adding more products, more customers, and meeting the ever-increasing expectations of those customers.”

Our answer? Klaviyo One.

Klaviyo One is a new tier of Klaviyo, built specifically for larger brands with features that allow for more collaboration between internal stakeholders and a significantly improved way to work with our experts.

Today, we bring the same features, functionality, and flexibility more than 1.2K enterprise brands use to consolidate their customer communication channels, and leverage an ecommerce-specific customer data platform (CDP) to house customer data and put that data into action via segmentation and personalization.

With Klaviyo One, you’ll have access to:

Industry-leading security, compliance, governance, and reliability

With third-party audit certifications like SOC2 and ISO27001 that align with industry best practices, Klaviyo One helps you proactively stay ahead of the latest privacy and security policies.

But we’re aware that security breaches are still a risk, especially at the hands of bad actors. In order to protect your data and your customers’, Klaviyo incentivizes security researchers to find vulnerabilities in our system and compensates them if and when they expose security risks.

And we don’t stop there.

We also rely on internal penetration testers that perform security tests on our platform, people, and processes to protect against potential issues.

Compliance in Klaviyo One and how we address it is three-fold:

  1. We keep your data GDPR- and CCPA-compliant. You can easily unsubscribe a customer and remove their data both manually or through our API.
  2. We keep your email and SMS messages compliant, with built-in safeguards to help you worry less and create more. For example, the platform checks your emails for required unsubscribe links before scheduling, and SMS quiet hours prevents sending to recipients during legally prohibited hours.
  3. We help protect your brand’s reputation and credibility with customizable smart send times that prevent your subscribers from receiving too many messages at once.

Klaviyo One customers will also have more options beyond the seven built-in user roles that are currently available. This flexibility, combined with upcoming SSO and SAML integrations, allows you to enhance data security and gives you more control over who has access to what.

“The unique challenge we have is the size of our database. Making sure that it’s profitable, that we’re treating our customer data with the utmost care, and that we’re using a platform that’s scaling with us,” says Amanda Lopez, vice president of ecommerce at ColourPop.

“You have to have a solid foundation to continue to grow. I really believe that we have a solid foundation with our email channel and that involves Klaviyo.”

You have to have a solid foundation to continue to grow. I really believe that we have a solid foundation with our email channel and that involves Klaviyo.

-Amanda Lopez, vice president of ecommerce at ColourPop

A support team that guarantees your success—so you don’t have to go it alone

You’re busy. You have a thousand and one deliverables on your plate, which means if you’re going to overhaul parts of your tech stack, it needs to be seamless. We get it.

That’s why before you even begin onboarding, your own diligent team of experts at Klaviyo will partner with you to understand your current tech stack, revenue model, product catalog, how you’ve done marketing in the past, and what changes you’d like to make in the future.

The goal is to clear your runway of all potential obstacles and ensure you’re prepared for a smooth onboarding takeoff.

Next, during onboarding, our team will build a plan to extract your historical and real-time data and get it into our CDP, then map out how best to use your data to inform your segmentation, automations, reporting, and overall marketing strategy.

“Klaviyo provided us with a checklist, which made the process incredibly easy. We had constant contact with our onboarding coach who basically drew out an easy-to-follow path for us and guided us along it,” says Michael DeCerbo, email marketing specialist at Sun & Ski Sports.

This includes advising you on your deliverability strategy. We provide coaching on how to set up, transfer, and warm your IP address, and how to import already consented phone numbers.

Advanced segmentation and personalization—at scale

Speaking of segmentation and automation, Klaviyo One is here to change your notion of what you thought was possible.

Our code-free, marketer-friendly segment builder allows you to group your audience based on almost any criteria you can dream up—like specific purchases, discount code usage, and predicted customer lifetime value—and bundle it together with additional data you’ve collected. As long as you have the data, you can create a segment (with an unlimited number of attributes) to match.

All your segments update in real time, so your messages stay relevant.

Once they’re built to your liking, you can use your custom segments to power email and SMS automations that deliver valuable information to your audience.

Send personalized messages to your:

  • Frequent buyers or VIPs, granting them early access to shop your newest products
  • Unengaged subscribers, helping them rediscover why they loved your brand with a win-back offer
  • Florida-based subscribers who’ve never made a purchase but visited your site at least three times in the last week, with an irresistible browse abandonment email chock full of the very products they’ve had their eye on

Whatever automation you send out into the wild, you can customize your brand’s messages to the expressed interests of your audience—regardless of the amount of subscribers you have. We’ll help you slice and dice your list any way you want so that your emails and texts are hyper-targeted and worthwhile to their recipients.

In fact, this is how our top-performing large brands do personalization at scale: custom segments combined with dynamic blocks within messages that make 1:many campaigns feel like 1:1 messages.

We also help you migrate your existing automations and SMS and email templates to make sure they’re re-configured to align with best practices including CRO, mobile optimization, accessibility, and more.

Post-onboarding, you’ll receive ongoing success support through a dedicated CSM and an expanded support team that’s now available 24/7. Klaviyo One customers also gain access to chat prioritization.

“The partnership aspect with Klaviyo is extremely important. We view Klaviyo and our success manager as an extended member of the team,” says Ivory Razor, director of customer retention at Resident.

They value our success. They don’t just provide the service and the tool—any win that we have, that we’re excited about, they’re also excited about it.

-Ivory Razor, director of customer retention at Resident

“They have a great pulse on what we’re looking for and they truly understand the brand. They value our success. They don’t just provide the service and the tool—any win that we have, that we’re excited about, they’re also excited about it.”

An ecosystem of partners who do the heavy lifting for you

If you don’t have the internal bandwidth to support the onboarding and management of Klaviyo One, don’t worry.

We have a deep roster of agency partners—more than 6.5K service and system integrators—who can run your account for you or partner with you on big projects as you may need.

Every business functions differently. We’re dedicated to helping you find the processes and workflows that are harmonious to your unique needs.

A CDP with direct API access that delivers more flexibility and extensibility

Soon, we’re making the database that powers Klaviyo’s segmentation and automation engines a standalone product. You’ll have direct API access to profiles within Klaviyo, allowing you to query a profile’s real-time event stream quickly—for unlimited marketing (e.g. website content personalization) and non-marketing (e.g. routing support tickets based on customer activity) use cases.

data sources flowing into a cdp and flowing out to activations

Klaviyo’s CDP will also provide you with more tools to ingest, store, and activate all your customer data at scale, with new ways to import bulk amounts of data and expanded webhook functionality.

Join the waitlist for our standalone CDP today.

At its most elemental level, a CDP needs to:

  • Pull all customer data together
  • Resolve identities between sources
  • Activate (or send) data across other external systems, working as a data pipeline

But, like your business, Klaviyo’s CDP is unique and goes above and beyond conventional platforms. We’re pushing the boundaries of speed, storage, and latency.

While most other CDPs aren’t concerned with how quickly they can get data into your platform or how fast they can produce an answer you need, we know that speed is of the utmost importance—especially for larger brands beholden to ambitious KPIs.

Klaviyo’s CDP can return queries in seconds. And it can maintain those response times under load—meaning when you have hundreds of thousands of shoppers on your site for Black Friday, you can use our API to customize each page load while maintaining site performance.

Your customers aren’t just reflections of their recent actions—their historic behaviors also provide valuable insights. Our CDP combines historic and real-time data so you can build segments based on data from 5+ years ago and form a comprehensive picture of who your audience truly is.

We have more than 230 out-of-the-box integrations with some of the most popular software tools that house customer data, so pulling information into the Klaviyo CDP is a breeze.

And the kicker? If we don’t have an integration for a software you’d like to plug into Klaviyo, no big deal. Our flexible data model accepts complex, non-normalized data, with no rigid data schema—which is a fancy way to say your time to integration, and your time to value, takes hours, not weeks.

Klaviyo ingests all of those different groups of customer data and we’re able to just manipulate it as needed—and segment as needed.

-Deepa Gandhi, founder and COO of Dagne Dover

“Klaviyo ingests all of those different groups of customer data and we’re able to just manipulate it as needed—and segment as needed,” says Deepa Gandhi, founder and COO of Dagne Dover.

Our data model relieves your hard-worked developers, so you can dedicate resources toward driving revenue instead of maintaining technology.

Plus, it’s easy for your internal marketing team to use. Directly in-platform, they can activate customer data to inform the experiences they want to create versus relying on additional external solutions or teams that are already backlogged with other priorities.

For marketers, there’s no more getting your wagon hitched to the developers or data scientists on your team—you can become the masters of your own destinies and decisions by building your own segments, automations, and comprehensive reports in way less time.

This is the realization of the omnichannel tech stack.

Bringing more ownership and flexibility to enterprise ecommerce

As more and more brands that use Klaviyo for their data and customer communication piping grow into enterprise retail organizations, the Klaviyo One platform is a natural maturation for our company.

But Klaviyo’s expansion into the enterprise market and our standalone CDP isn’t just for existing customers. Our deep expertise has helped the biggest brands in the world build better customer experiences, and we’re on a mission to bring those capabilities to every enterprise organization ready and willing to make customers their first priority.

Evolution is a natural occurrence, and we’re evolving to help you increase sales, build more connections, and set forth the experiences that reflect your brand—and ultimately the ones your customers want.

Learn more about how Klaviyo One can scale with your business.
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Emily Riedy is a content strategist at Klaviyo. She creates and optimizes content to help online businesses own their growth. Before joining Klaviyo, Emily worked at a digital marketing agency where she created content to help small business owners and marketers grow their online advertising presence. When she’s not writing, Emily enjoys making tacos, running, and sipping on orange wine.