Intelligent marketing automation for faster, more efficient growth

Turn all of your customer data into hyper-personalized messages that shoppers want—across email, SMS, push, and more.

Targeted, personalized messages powered by all of your customer data

  • Advanced segmentation. Target people with any combo of profile info, behavior, location, list, predicted LTV or order date, and more.
  • Behavior-based automation. Trigger messages based on channel engagement, event data, predictive analytics, and other platform data.
  • AI-driven optimization. Proactively message customers by predicting future order date, churn risk, and lifetime value.
  • Targeted list growth tools. Turn visitors into subscribers with dynamic forms and pop-ups based on time on page, number of visits, device type, or segment.
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list growth after 6 months of using Klaviyo forms

*73% list growth for customers who currently have a live email form

Cross-channel messaging, one unified platform

Create, measure, and optimize any combination of email, SMS, and mobile push messages.

  • Consistent, coordinated messaging across channels
  • Cross-channel attribution and reporting
  • Multi-channel industry-specific flow templates based on preferences and consent status
  • Complete view of each customer’s actions and engagement over time
  • Automated review requests sent by email and SMS

Built-in AI, data science, and predictive analytics

Klaviyo includes built-in AI and predictive data science tools that enable marketers to plan and execute smarter, more impactful, and more agile marketing––allowing them to go from an idea in the morning to a new campaign, test, or automated flow live in the afternoon.

Expert guidance for businesses of all sizes

With Klaviyo, you’ll never feel lost. From in-product guidance and simple integration setup to on-demand learning and customer support, Klaviyo makes it easy to run complex marketing without a team of engineers.

  • Proven, pre-built automation templates
  • 300+ easy-to-install integrations
  • 24/7 email support for paying customers
  • Online community support and help docs
  • Live and on-demand trainings and certifications
  • 500+ customer support and success team members
  • Network of over 6,500 agency partners
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100,000+ brands in 80+ countries use Klaviyo to grow

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Customer story

Doe Lashes keeps customers coming back with data-personalized automation

Retention is a huge part of what really drives our business forward. We’ve seen how powerful Klaviyo is in driving repeat purchases and retention revenue. That really offsets the rising cost of CPA.”
Jason Wong, founder of Doe Lashes
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