Shopify Plus + Klaviyo

Klaviyo is Shopify Plus’s recommended email solution

You’ve created a bespoke ecommerce experience using Shopify Plus. Give your email marketing that same one-of-a-kind, growth-driving customisation with Klaviyo.

A tried-and-true partnership built for omnichannel sales growth

For years, Shopify Plus and Klaviyo have been obvious platform choices for leading ecommerce brands.

Today, Shopify Plus and Klaviyo together create a truly integrated ecommerce experience built for high-volume performance and boundless scalability.

Shopify Plus
use Klaviyo

Turn your Shopify Plus and other data into personalised emails and texts that sell

Email and SMS automation

Shopify-specific ecommerce templates are built in. Need something specific? Build custom automations with any number of conditions, splits, emails, and texts.

Omnichannel integration

Klaviyo syncs historical and real-time data across Shopify Plus and other tech tools, for advanced segmentation and personalisation that’s impossible on many other platforms.

Custom reports and benchmarks

See the performance metrics that matter most. Discover your best opportunities for growth. Peer into the future with predictive analytics.

Support at every step

With Klaviyo, you get our platform and our people. From your initial onboarding to your continued success, there’s a team of experts at your side.

Reach your people

You already know the value of email. But you could be leaving money on the table because of emails that aren’t pulling their weight.