Precision email marketing at scale

Data-driven power meets captivating design, ensuring that your message not only reaches its mark but makes an impact. Send standout emails that generate revenue.

Open up new ways to get more opens

To get the most bang for your buck with email, data makes all the difference.

Other email services may love helping you batch and blast to your list—because they make more off of you. But more sends doesn’t equal more sales. In fact, it’s more likely to mean wasted budget and high unsubscribes.

Klaviyo does email differently. With our integrations you can unify the data across your tech stack, so you can target and personalise your emails to the nth degree. Deliverability features like guided warming and sunset flows help get your emails where they belong: the inbox.

AI and analytics

Enhance your email marketing with a new level of intelligence

In the age of AI, intelligence drives success. Klaviyo has integrated powerful AI, predictive analytics, and reporting to ensure that your email marketing is not just effective, but exceptional.

  • AI-generated subject lines: Let the advanced algorithms of Klaviyo’s subject line assistant craft copy that converts.
  • A/B testing made simple: Easily test various campaign elements, from content to design, to deliver the best version to your audience.
  • Recommendation engine: Add dynamic product recommendations to emails based on a user’s browsing history, past purchases, what they might like, and other behaviours.
  • Predicted customer attributes: Segment or personalise emails based on predicted lifetime value, order date, and churn risk.
  • Reporting and benchmarks: Gain a competitive edge with in-depth analysis, from granular, audience-level insights to personalised industry benchmarks.

Create captivating, high-conversion emails at scale

Building high-quality emails that resonate with your audience is more seamless than ever. With Klaviyo, scale doesn’t compromise quality. Intuitively designed templates give your emails a professional edge from the start. The template editor is built for beginners and experts, ensuring ease, precision, and versatility.

  • Show/hide logic to show certain segments specific content
  • Reusable sections that stay consistent across all templates, for consistency and easy mass-updates
  • Mobile-optimised templates and settings to control how emails look across devices
  • Custom HTML/CSS to upload existing templates or code new ones from scratch

Brands are earning more revenue with Klaviyo

Send one-off campaigns that one-up your rivals

Goodbye, generic blasts. Hello, hyper-targeted campaigns. With Klaviyo’s advanced segmentation capabilities, your emails can reach the exact audience segment they’re designed for.

  • Find the perfect look. Klaviyo templates include dozens of campaign-specific options: promos, newsletters, individual holidays, and more.
  • Show products they’ll love. Send recommendations based on best-selling, most-viewed, newest, or random products.
  • Optimise your send time. Klaviyo learns the best time of day to deliver emails for maximum engagement.
  • Prevent accidental over-communication. Klaviyo can automatically skip recipients you’ve messaged recently, while ensuring priority emails still go out as planned.

Branch out into more advanced, more profitable automated flows

Build a completely unique flow from scratch, or start with tons of built-in essentials: welcomes, browse/cart reminders, in-stock and price-drop alerts, shipping updates, post-purchase followups… and many, many more.

Things really take off when you split flows into distinct messages for distinct audiences. For instance:

  • Browse reminder: frequent vs. sporadic views
  • Cart reminder: high vs. low order value
  • Offers: high vs. low predicted CLV
  • Upsell/cross-sell: split by order frequency
  • Thank you: new vs. returning customer

It’s impossible to list everything that’s possible with Klaviyo. Odds are, if you can think it, you can build it.

Scale your business with precision email marketing
Explore the rest of the platform
Reach your most engaged VIP customers. You can even have 2-way conversations.
Mobile Push
Boost app engagement and delight customers with perfectly timed notifications.
Build trust and increase sales by collecting and showcasing customer-written reviews.
  • Build flows for every touchpoint, moving customers through the funnel.

  • Learn how your KPIs stack up to peers. Get step-by-step guidance to improve.

  • Track email KPIs, predict customer behaviour, and get actionable insights.

  • Promote sales events, announce new products, send newsletters, and more.

  • Tailor 100+ essential templates to your brand’s needs with ease.

  • Drive more revenue with hyper-relevant campaigns powered by real-time data.

  • Capture more data, target specific audiences, add coupons, and more.

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Email marketing is a direct marketing channel that uses email to send commercial messages about your business’s products, services, sales, or updates to your customers.