Reply to customer questions faster with Klaviyo’s AI-driven Suggested Responses

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Klaviyo’s SMS Conversations allows brands and subscribers to communicate directly using two-way text messaging. Earlier this year we added the ability for brands to create “Quick Responses” or pre-written replies to commonly asked questions within Klaviyo’s SMS settings. Klaviyo’s release of “Suggested Responses” now makes responding even easier by using AI to evaluate incoming messages and recommends the best saved “Quick Response”.

The challenge

Scalable communication with text marketing

Consumers love when their favorite brands offer the ability to text directly and get answers to shopping questions quickly. However, answering those questions in a timely manner can be very difficult for lean teams. The other challenge is training your customer service team to provide a consistent customer experience via their responses. 

If SMS is a new channel for your business, you may think this seems like a lot to take on and might avoid using SMS for customer support. But that would be a mistake. SMS is the perfect channel for customer support as it provides faster response times, is preferred by online shoppers, and can greatly improve your customer satisfaction.

The solution

AI-powered SMS Suggested Responses

That’s why we’re so excited to launch Suggested Responses for Klaviyo’s SMS Conversations. This feature allows brands to support 1:1 personalized conversations with customers at scale and with ease. Note that this feature is not available for our Gorgias or Zendesk integrations. 

Here’s how the new feature works: 

  1. An SMS subscriber texts your number and doesn’t include a keyword  
  2. The message then appears in your SMS Conversations tab within Klaviyo
  3. Klaviyo’s AI reviews the message to determine the intent of the message
    • If Klaviyo is confident about what the subscriber wants, it will show up to 3 options for you to use:
      • A relevant quick response (if available)
      • Most frequent response to a similar question
      • Most recent response to a similar question
    • If Klaviyo isn’t sure about the incoming message, it won’t suggest a response
  4. When there is a suggested response, you can simply click the response and send the message

By pre-writing and storing “Quick Responses” to common questions, businesses can ensure that their support team is confident handling questions quickly and keeping their replies on-brand. And with the powerful addition of AI incorporated within two-way conversations, this means even faster response times leading to improved conversions and customer satisfaction as a result.

Getting started

To take advantage of this new functionality, you first need to have already turned on SMS in your Klaviyo account. Once you’ve started using Klaviyo SMS, you’ll then need to turn on suggested responses in the SMS Conversations settings. Click on the gear icon and then toggle on “Suggested Responses” and you’re all set!