Klaviyo AI FAQs

April 15, 2024

1. What is Klaviyo AI

Klaviyo AI offers advanced artificial intelligence features in the platform, including generative AI
and machine learning (ML), to help our customers work smarter, make more informed decisions,
and drive better results.

2. Which Large Language Model (LLM) providers does Klaviyo work with?

For generative AI features, Klaviyo currently partners with OpenAI and AWS Bedrock. All ML
capabilities are deeply integrated into our product and are entirely powered in-house.

3. What features are powered by generative AI in Klaviyo?

Look out for the sparkle symbol (actual sparkle symbol we use) near the features. This indicates
which features on our platform are powered by generative AI. Currently, our suite of generative AI
features include Segments AI, SMS AI, Email AI and Reviews AI. For more details, visit the Klaviyo AI

4. Can customers choose to not use Klaviyo AI features?

ML has always been ingrained in our DNA and certain features such as Predictive Analytics are
deeply integrated into the Klaviyo platform, which is why it may not be possible to opt-out of these
features. These features are marked with the “Klaviyo AI” badge.
However, using our generative AI features is completely up to you, we mark generative AI-powered
features with a __ symbol so you can easily identify them.

5. How does Klaviyo protect customer data from being used to train LLMs?

We do not allow our LLM providers to use our customer data to train their models. Our enterprise
agreements with them include strict provisions to protect customer data, ensuring it is not used in
AI model training.

6. Does Klaviyo send customer personal data to OpenAI?

No, currently, Klaviyo does not send any personal data to its LLM providers, which is why they are
not listed as one of our subprocessors.

7. How does Klaviyo AI protect the security of our data?

Klaviyo takes the security of its Customer’s data, including Personal Data, seriously. Klaviyo
maintains a SOC 2 Type 2 report and an ISO 27001 Certification. These documents and the results
of our latest penetration testing and other key information security policies are available via our
Trust Center.

Klaviyo also takes reasonable technical and organization measures, as well as supplementary
measures to protect Personal Data provided by our Customers. This is detailed in our Data
Processing Agreement
entered into with each of our Customers.
For more information, please visit trust.klaviyo.com.