Switching from Attentive to Klaviyo: How Shoe Sensation increased sales by combining email and SMS in one platform

Industry: Footwear Platform: Magento


SMS list growth since switching from Attentive to Klaviyo


increase in revenue year-over-year (YOY)


in SMS revenue since switching to Klaviyo

Family-focused businesses all have one thing in common: a deep relationship with their customers. But how does that connection translate as a brand grows?

Founded in Indiana in 1984, Shoe Sensation has more than 200 stores across 18 states. And as they scaled their online presence, Shoe Sensation changed their business from simply serving people in small towns to selling shoes to customers across the United States.

Split communications meant limited growth

The team at Shoe Sensation split their email and SMS programs between Klaviyo and Attentive, which caused roadblocks to creating a seamless customer experience. One ongoing problem was that customers were getting promotional texts for sales that they had already shopped. Without clear attribution for their email and SMS channels, it was difficult for the team to personalize their communications.

It’s so much better now that we have our email and SMS channels integrated on one platform. We’ve minimized the number of places to go to find data on customers.

Chris Dillard, Digital Marketing Manager at Shoe Sensation

How Shoe Sensation improved the customer experience by integrating email and SMS in Klaviyo

After switching from Attentive SMS to Klaviyo, Shoe Sensation’s communications are now streamlined, and attribution is more precise. Klaviyo’s tools allow the team to create cohesive email and text strategies that personalize the customer experience—and drive more sales.

Rather than spending hours getting our data integrated so that our marketing team could make more informed decisions, we found that Klaviyo simplified things for us—it’s an easier solution.

Chris Dillard, Digital Marketing Manager at Shoe Sensation