Switching from Attentive to Klaviyo: How Shoe Sensation increased sales by combining email and SMS in one platform

Customer: Shoe Sensation   Industry: Footwear  Platform: Magento


For a quick read on how Shoe Sensation increased sales and improved the customer experience by integrating email and SMS in Klaviyo, download this condensed version of the full length case study.

Customer: Shoe Sensation
Industry: Footwear
Platform: Magento

Sneakers and exercise accessories from brand Shoe Sensation on a red yoga mat.
45.5% SMS list growth since switching from Attentive to Klaviyo
116% increase in revenue year-over-year (YOY)
$150k in SMS revenue since switching to Klaviyo

Family-focused businesses all have one thing in common: a deep relationship with their customers. But how does that connection translate as a brand grows?

Founded in Indiana in 1984, Shoe Sensation has more than 200 stores across 18 states. And as they scaled their online presence, Shoe Sensation changed their business from simply serving people in small towns to selling shoes to customers across the United States.

Split communications meant limited growth

The team at Shoe Sensation split their email and SMS programs between Klaviyo and Attentive, which caused roadblocks to creating a seamless customer experience. One ongoing problem was that customers were getting promotional texts for sales that they had already shopped. Without clear attribution for their email and SMS channels, it was difficult for the team to personalize their communications.

“It’s so much better now that we have our email and SMS channels integrated on one platform. We’ve minimized the number of places to go to find data on customers.”

Chris Dillard

Digital Marketing Manager at Shoe Sensation

How Shoe Sensation improved the customer experience by integrating email and SMS in Klaviyo

After switching from Attentive SMS to Klaviyo, Shoe Sensation’s communications are now streamlined, and attribution is more precise. Klaviyo’s tools allow the team to create cohesive email and text strategies that personalize the customer experience—and drive more sales.

“Rather than spending hours getting our data integrated so that our marketing team could make more informed decisions, we found that Klaviyo simplified things for us—it’s an easier solution.”

Welcome flows get customers in the door

Shoe Sensation has had success with SMS in their browse and cart abandonment flows. But their welcome series flow has started to perform just as well as their browse abandonment—in less time.

“We have CTAs on in-store signs and on our website—that’s our biggest push.”


With that much revenue coming in from SMS alone, it’s crucial to connect conversions to customers for attribution and personalization—which wasn’t possible when Shoe Sensation used Attentive. Getting that first conversion is great, but personalizing communications is what makes customers loyal to the brand.

Since making the switch to Klaviyo, the team at Shoe Sensation knows exactly what customers do after becoming a subscriber—and they can use this data to inform future campaigns.

Combined tracking makes for a cohesive customer experience

With Attentive, Shoe Sensation was limited to high-level insights about their SMS performance. Once it switched to Klaviyo SMS, with data integrated across channels, Shoe Sensation went beyond revenue attributed to SMS as a standalone metric, allowing the team to create a detailed customer journey in the Klaviyo platform.

With integrated data, Dillard can track click-through rates, redemption rates, and more. He can also track whether customers redeem coupons in-store or online—and it all ties back to their profile in Klaviyo.

Since he can see which use cases are the most effective by channel, Dillard can use that data to tailor his messages. He can also use that data to pinpoint the ideal time to send messages to customers. This kind of personalization ultimately leads to more conversions.

Text messages complement email communications

When using Attentive, the team at Shoe Sensation was limited to sending out texts and emails at the same time. With Klaviyo, they can now send emails and texts at the ideal time for each channel. Having the metrics in one place also allows the team to see how the two channels work together.

Unlike other goods that customers might purchase on a weekly or monthly basis, many people buy shoes seasonally—or even just once a year. Because of limited opportunities to make the sale, the team at Shoe Sensation needs to be nimble enough to react in real-time and make a push when it makes sense. And when sales are low, the brand can use SMS to reach a larger audience quickly.

“I use SMS to supplement emails to our customers, and to let them know about our promotions. It’s not only faster than email—it avoids having the message get lost on days that typically see low engagement for emails.”


With Klaviyo, Shoe Sensation’s SMS and email communications are working together. And Dillard now has access to data that helps him make decisions about what channel is best for his message—and the ideal time to send it.

Dillard recently learned through their Customer-First Data™ that his customers weren’t engaging with the brand’s regular Friday emails—but they were engaging with texts that were sent over the weekend. Dillard retired the Friday emails and focused on SMS instead, which increased engagement.

The future of SMS at Shoe Sensation is deeper segmentation and visual texts

Dillard wants to focus on deeper segmentation to tailor Shoe Sensation’s messages to its customers. While some customers are looking for stylish shoes, others are focused on utility. Pictures of shoes directly in a text message can help to sell the product more effectively.

“People want to see shoes. It’s a very visual product—and MMS is a great way to show customers what our product looks like.”


There’s a seasonality to shoes, and people’s needs change depending on the region. If you ask a customer in Michigan if they want to buy boots, heavy-duty winter boots will likely come to mind. But if you ask someone in Texas, they may be thinking about cowboy boots.

“Right now, our segments are by shopping habits—not by where customers are located. Using Klaviyo to geographically group our customers is something I want to do in the future—I want to make sure we’re saying the right things to our customers, based on their location.”


By creating regional discount codes, the team at Shoe Sensation is able to track how their email and SMS program impact in-store sales—whether a customer is in snowy Michigan or hot and dusty Texas.

“We have a heavy brick-and-mortar focus, so if I can set up a code for every store, I can easily see how each region is doing quickly.”

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