When Life Hands You Lemons: How Five Former Bronto Brands Have Found Success on Klaviyo

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The news of Bronto’s “end-of-life” status may have surprised many people who use it. And now the need to find a new marketing platform may seem daunting. But change—welcome or unwelcome—can open doors to often unimagined possibilities and pave the way for previously unforeseen growth. It may be the end of the road for Bronto, but for brands moving to an alternative solution, it’s a new beginning.

Five former Bronto users share their perspectives on their migration off of Bronto, how Klaviyo sweetened their Bronto goodbye, and how the change of marketing automation platforms became their catalyst for growth.

It’s obviously going to be something of a pain to switch platforms. But in our experience, everything about Klaviyo has been better—the features, the ease of use, and the value.

Jake Grinsky, Creative director, Headline Shirts

Why former Bronto users made the move to Klaviyo

Marketers who have moved their brand off of Bronto shared that researching the market and discovering what alternative products were available was the first step in their migration process.

As Paulina Izvorski, marketing assistant manager, at American Giant set out to explore options for her team’s next marketing platform, she knew they were looking for a more robust solution.

We wanted more than just an email marketing platform. Klaviyo’s native integrations were appealing because we wanted to pull in additional data to improve our company’s overall marketing strategies. We were also interested in Klaviyo’s AI and predictive analytics, which were tools we didn’t have on Bronto.

Paulina Izvorski, Marketing assistant manager, American Giant
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Other former Bronto users expressed that when they were evaluating a new marketing platform, they were considering solutions that had a track record of continuous innovation and ones that offered a wide variety of integrations with other technologies.

Sarah Velten, ecommerce manager at ThunderShirt shared the importance of having a platform that would work in tandem with all of their existing technology.

We knew, longer term, we wanted to partner with a company that was constantly innovating and that would also plug in seamlessly with our ecommerce platform.

Sarah Velten, ecommerce manager, ThunderShirt

Many marketers shared that finding a solution that provided a reasonable and flexible pricing model was a major consideration, as well.

As Sarah said, their dollars went a lot farther—the team at ThunderShirt was able to extract more value from Klaviyo without having to spend as much money.

We were able to get a lot more features and functionality within the platform for a lower cost with Klaviyo.

Sarah Velten, ecommerce manager, ThunderShirt

Platform support from migration to onboarding and beyond

Former Bronto users shared that finding a marketing automation platform that coupled innovative technology with personalized support would help them feel confident that they were getting the most out of their investment.

Michael DeCerbo, email marketing specialist from Sun & Ski Sports raved that his migration off of Bronto couldn’t have been easier. Klaviyo’s team of dedicated product experts and customer success managers offered him and his team tailored assistance throughout his migration and onboarding process.

Klaviyo provided us with a checklist, which made the process incredibly easy. We had constant contact with our onboarding coach who basically drew out an easy-to-follow path for us and guided us along it.

Michael DeCerbo, Email marketing specialist, Sun & Ski Sports

Jenni McNally, marketing manager at UK-based Family Tickets echoed Michael’s sentiments about her own onboarding experience.

Our onboarding with Klaviyo was such a joy and just so simple.

Jenni McNally, Marketing manager, Family Tickets

Even when the migration to Klaviyo was complete, some marketers said they chose to continue working with product experts throughout the duration of their partnership because of the personalized dedication and support they receive.

We’ve received continued support, starting with our onboarding rep and then transitioning to our customer success rep. Both of them were great—very knowledgeable and easy to get along with. The entire process feels very well considered, and it’s clear Klaviyo is dedicated to a successful customer experience.

Jake Grinsky, Creative director, Headline Shirts

While it’s immensely helpful to have a talented team of experts on-hand to guide new users through the process of becoming familiar with a new technology platform, former Bronto users shared that Klaviyo’s intuitive software navigation and ease-of-use made the migration and onboarding process a breeze.

Jake Ginsky, creative director at Headline Shirts even noted his surprise at discovering how easy Klaviyo is to use.

The extent of Klaviyo’s features was certainly something of a revelation to us, but so was the ease of use. I was expecting a steeper learning curve, but we picked it up immediately.

Jake Grinsky, Creative director, Headline Shirts

Michael DeCerbo from Sun & Ski Sports expressed how Klaviyo’s support team is one that first and foremost invests in helping brands achieve their goals and strives to remove any roadblocks that might limit their success.

Our monthly calls are designed to define and implement real goals for our brand, rather than feeling like a generic part of the process.

Michael DeCerbo, Email marketing specialist, Sun & Ski Sports

How former Bronto users make the most of Klaviyo’s features to grow their brand

Many former Bronto users explained that finding a marketing automation platform with dynamic features that would allow them to build unique customer experiences and improve existing workflows was their utmost priority when selecting an alternative solution.

Jenni from FamilyTickets shared how Klaviyo’s powerful segmentation tools help her recoup potentially lost sales with personalized messaging, while also positively impacting their internal administrative processes.

Last year, we unfortunately had to juggle a lot of cancellations, which was complicated to manage with Bronto. Now, with Klaviyo’s segmentation tool—even with additional options to choose from now that customers can reschedule—we’re able to update records according to a button that a user clicked, which we find much easier.

Jenni McNally
, Marketing manager, FamilyTickets

At American Giant, Paulina Izvorski mentioned how Klaviyo’s features helped them zero in on certain business initiatives.

The segment builder helps a lot with specific projects, and we’ve been able to focus more on customer retention and acquisition. We’re also using more personalization features than we could use in Bronto, which improves the experience for our customers.

Paulina Izvorski, Marketing assistant manager, American Giant
an image of a laptop open and on the screen is a Klaviyo account showing segmentation of the email list

Jake Ginsky explained that the features in Klaviyo have not only opened new doors for him and his team at Headline Shirts, but they’ve saved them time while doing so.

It wasn’t until we started using the platform that we realized how many features had been lacking in our previous Bronto platform. The tools in Klaviyo are so much more dynamic, and they save us huge amounts of time when putting together our campaigns.

Jake Ginsky, Creative director, Headline Shirts

And Sarah Velten from ThunderShirt said she was also pleasantly surprised by the robust functionality she experiences when working in Klaviyo, especially when A/B testing components in her account.

I really liked the flexibility in A/B testing our pop-up for email address collection. And the predictive analytic tools are pretty neat. We’re launching more campaigns, like a browse abandonment, and overall we’re able to have a more thorough strategy.

Sarah Velten, ecommerce manager, ThunderShirt

See the power of Klaviyo for yourself

For brands that are figuring out how to navigate a post-Bronto world and considering looking closely at Klaviyo as their next marketing automation platform, Michael DeCerbo from Sun & Ski Sports made this recommendation:

Sign up for a free account and demo the tool. That’s what I did and I was sold after a few minutes of exploring the UI and experiencing the ease of use of the platform—it was refreshing after having toil in Bronto. Or speak to the sales team. They were honest and genuinely invested in helping us succeed rather than just making a sale.

Michael DeCerbo, Email Marketing Specialist, Sun & Ski Sports

Need a helping hand as you plan to move off of Bronto? Learn how Klaviyo’s agency partners can assist you every step of the way. is the power of being thoughtful, empathetic, and human with your customers.”