Testing and prototyping in Klaviyo with sample data

Justin Fink
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September 1, 2022
Klaviyo product release

As a customer data platform, Klaviyo relies on data from your business to function. When evaluating Klaviyo without data, it can be difficult to understand exactly how certain features will work. We built the sample data tool to help our customers move faster by having representative data for testing and prototyping.

The sample data tool is focused on helping users onboard faster. It allows technical members of the client team to get familiar with our APIs and start creating integrations fast. The tool can generate a handful of sample profiles, email, SMS, and event data, as well as a product catalog with just a few clicks and is all available instantly.

The challenge: data quality and quantity

Klaviyo has a diverse customer base of over 143K companies, so example data needs to be broad enough that many different types of companies can get value from it. It also needs to perform and provide as much value in as little of a footprint as possible.

To solve this challenge, our team created three categories of data:

  • Klaviyo data
  • Ecommerce data
  • Product catalog
Image of Sample Data Generation Tool

The Klaviyo data represents profiles and events that would be expected from an account that is actively using Klaviyo. These events can be challenging to mock. For example, mocking an “unsubscribed from email” event normally would require sending an email to an address you control and then unsubscribing—a process that could impact deliverability on your test account.

Ecommerce data includes example profiles and events for typical merchant use cases. This includes events such as a user adding an item to their shopping cart and placing an order. This event data can be used in features like segmentation and dynamic email template designs.

The example product catalog is helpful for ecommerce-related features within Klaviyo, including dynamic product lookups in message templates.

The solution: faster prototyping and evaluation

Using our sample data tool, companies evaluating and prototyping with Klaviyo have been able to move much faster.

We recently gave a demo to a prospect who followed up with a simple request, “Just set up my account, would appreciate it if you could pipe in some fake data.” We ran the sample data tool for this prospect immediately, and their evaluation of Klaviyo’s email template tool was completed the same day they created their account!

Final thoughts

Are you evaluating Klaviyo or trying to prototype a new solution? If sample data could help you move faster, head over to the tool and check out the data generators available! Looking for other data, send us an email at developers@klaviyo.com and let us know what you need for creating and sharing contact cards.

Justin Fink
Justin Fink
Director, Developer Marketing