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August 30, 2022
Example of virtual contact cards in a text message

For your brand, unread texts mean missed opportunities. Klaviyo’s virtual contact cards are here to help: This new feature makes your texts more recognizable, so they don’t get lost in the noise.

Your customers are reading text messages all day, every day. While upwards of 95% of texts get opened and read, those from an unknown number are much more likely to be overlooked or ignored. 

Level up your SMS marketing

Virtual contact cards help you up your SMS marketing game by making your texts feel personalized, relevant and familiar, just like texts from a friend — because these are the kinds of texts people are most likely to open, read, and even respond to.

Once you share your virtual contact card, recipients can save your brand’s contact information in their phone. Once a shopper saves your info, your texts are instantly recognizable: In place of a random phone number with a generic avatar, they’ll see your brand’s name and logo. 

Brands are already using this feature to inspire engagement from customers and build loyalty.

“Promix has made Klaviyo SMS a core part of our owned marketing strategy with the help of our partners at Ben Zettler Digital. The new virtual contact cards feature has enabled our team to create a more effective, branded experience on SMS for our most engaged customers.”
Albert Matheny, CEO of Promix

Getting started

To get started, log into Klaviyo and head to the Company Information section under SMS Settings. Here, you’ll create your contact card by entering  company details and uploading a logo.

Now you’re ready to share your contact card with subscribers via flows. Just select one of your SMS flow messages and click edit, then select Add Media.

Click Add Media to include a virtual contact card.

Protip: Make sure you add your virtual contact card to existing welcome texts – this will help spread the word that your brand’s contact details are now available!

Click Add Contact Card.

Here, select Virtual Contact Card and add it to your flow message.

Share virtual contact card with subscribers.

The people you text will get a contact card to save to their address book, just like they do when someone texts them a friend’s or family member’s contact information. They’ll see your brand’s name and logo at the top of your future texts.

Learn more

Help people recognize your brand right away in their text inboxes and boost engagement with virtual contact cards. To learn more about creating and sharing contact cards.

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