New Ways To Convert Visitors with Flyout Forms

When building out your email capture strategy, you should use different types of forms depending on how visitors are interacting with your site. While popups are effective for immediately capturing new visitors, flyout forms are a less-intrusive alternative for capturing visitors while they’re browsing.

To support this opportunity, we’ve released support for flyout forms in the Klaviyo form builder to give you more flexibility in the signup forms you create.

When and how to use flyout forms

Flyout forms differ from popups in that they slide in from off-screen and they don’t put a darkening overlay over the rest of the screen. This small difference makes flyouts more suited for situations where visitors have been interacting with the site for some time and you want to prompt them without blocking their experience.

A common use for flyout forms is at the bottom of blog posts or blog category pages, where you can delay the flyout until the visitor has scrolled down through most of the page. If you don’t have blog content, you can consider adding a flyout to your products page to subtly remind the visitor of a free shipping deal.

When creating a form in the new Klaviyo form builder, you’ll now be prompted to create a popup or flyout. Inside of the form builder on the Styles tab, you can then modify where on the screen the flyout will enter. The other functionality in the signup form builder is the same for popups and flyouts.

Leverage flyouts for mobile optimized forms

Last week we added the ability to target mobile visitors with a signup form and explained the impact of intrusive popups on Google SEO rankings. Low-profile flyout forms can be used to further optimize the mobile experience of your website.

While the middle-top and middle-bottom flyout animation options on the form builder Styles tab work on both desktop and mobile, they’re particularly suited to the mobile experience. You can create a compact form that takes up a small portion of the page and stays open until the visitor has signed up or dismissed it.

What’s next

Next we’ll be adding support for additional input fields such as checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns, and date inputs so that you can capture more information from visitors for content personalization and segmentation. As always, if you have any ideas or feedback, please email us at with the subject line “I have an idea!”

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