Optimize Signup Form Performance With Form Level Analytics

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Signup forms are the fuel that accelerates ecommerce store growth—collecting emails and phone numbers of new and existing website visitors leads to future sales. When people come to your site, you want them to buy, subscribe to your brand, or, in the best-case scenario, both.  

With signup form analytics in Klaviyo, you can quickly understand how each signup form is performing. Then, you can use this information to maximize the effectiveness of your forms for every use case on every page of your website. 

How do you get started? Great question. The Signup Form page in Klaviyo is now upgraded to include metrics for each of your Klaviyo signup forms. Each form shows the total number of form submits along with the overall submission rate so you can immediately see which are your best- and worst-performing forms.

signup forms overview

If you’re looking for more information on a single form’s performance, just click on either metric (Submitted Form or Form Submit Rate). The subsequent overview page shows performance over a specified time range that includes views, submits, and submit rate. This lets you see if a signup form has been improving or regressing, plus you can change the time range to view results over any period of time. The overview page also shows numerical values for key metrics and lists the form type, publish date, and the ‘submit to’ list—everything you need to know on a single screen. 

signup forms advanced reports

If you’re looking for even more information about form performance, you can toggle to the Advanced Reports tab. On this page, you can split results by important segments like device or UTM parameters. With advanced reports, you can dig deeper into what is causing any changes in form performance.

signup forms list

With these form level analytics now available, you can optimize the performance of your signup forms with a simple investigation. Let’s look at how the hot, new (fictional) brand Mandalorian Mania used signup form analytics to optimize their main newsletter signup form.

Several months ago, the store made the switch from an old, embedded form to a new, stylish flyout and immediately started collecting more subscribers than ever before. More recently, however, they decided to collect more than just an email address and added fields to collect a subscriber’s favorite lightsaber color and Star Wars character. Unfortunately, since that change, Mandalorian Mania’s primary signup form dropped in submission rate. For the sake of Baby Yoda and list health, they had to figure out what was causing the lower performance and fix it as fast as possible.

Mandalorian Mania diagnosed the cause by diving into the analytics. They navigated to the Signup Forms page and clicked on the flyout form to examine it. Immediately they saw the decrease in form submit rate over the past seven days. When they changed the date range to the past 30 days, they saw a decrease in submissions starting shortly after they added the form fields. 

Now that they knew when the submission rate began to drop, it was time to figure out the why. Mandalorian Mania tabbed over to Advanced Reports. On that page, they split out the results by device type, which showed a significant decrease in submissions on mobile devices. Checking back on the form design, the new form fields were text inputs, which are admittedly difficult to use on a mobile device. After revisiting the form, Mandalorian Mania immediately updated the open text fields to radio buttons so subscribers could easily select their favorite color lightsaber and Star Wars character on both desktop and mobile devices.

Want to optimize your signup forms and improve performance to grow your business like Mandalorian Mania? Log in to Klaviyo to check out form level analytics.

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