7 Marketing Automation Benefits from Great Marketers

Marketing automation. What is it and why should use it?

Both great questions.

Marketing automation is software that helps you automate your marketing tasks by utilizing your data. Tasks like email, social media, and other forms of marketing.

There are a ton of benefits to automating your marketing strategy. I asked some marketing experts what they thought were the greatest benefits to marketing automation. Here’s what they had to say.

Saves you time

Expert: Jess Tiffany

Background: President, Marketing and Networking University

“Marketing Automation saves us several hours of work every single week. We have a membership site that offers e-learning for business people. Our drip marketing campaign sends out a series of emails at a specific time in the customer lifecycle. Our first email welcomes them to the service, followed up by some basic tips on using the service. A few days later the automated email asks them if they have been able to use our business tools, or build an online course to sell. Typically we will have 6-8 weeks worth of messages preloaded and ready to go.

The beauty of our auto-response system is you set it up, and then allow it to work for you. We could not be nearly as effective as we are without it.”

Makes you money

Expert: Christopher S. Penn

Background: VP of Marketing Technology, Shift Communications

“The greatest benefit, of course, of marketing automation software is its ability to help us close sales faster and identify leads more effectively. With proper setup and scoring, identifying which prospects are real vs. which prospects are window shopping only helps us concentrate our efforts on the real deals.

When implemented tightly with web analytics software like Google Analytics, marketing automation software helps us to understand a prospect’s journey to conversion and what things they’re most interested in first.

Since we first implemented our marketing automation system, we’ve increased overall company revenues by 35% in 4 years.”

Increases conversions

Expert: Tom Flynn

Background: VP of Marketing, PRGX Global

“The right approach to Marketing Automation can absolutely move the needle. By aligning our automation tools and messaging we went from a 9% conversion of first meetings to opportunities to a 44% conversion. Leveraging automation made all the difference in finding stronger leads and pulling them more efficiently through the top of the funnel into the salesman’s hands.”

Helps you get more qualified leads

Expert: Chris Guerra

Background: CMO, Blue Acorn

“While many businesses use marketing automation to decrease the length of the sales cycle, I see it as a tool to extend the cycle. By raising problem awareness during an automated pre-sales cycle, we get more qualified leads over time. Automation gives us the ability to understand who is interacting with us and why, then we can send more relevant content tailored specifically to their needs.”

Helps you utilize your data

Expert: Robert Black

Background: Director of Marketing, Panopta

“The most important benefit of marketing automation is how it enables marketers to leverage the increasing volume of data for better targeted, personalized and intelligent campaigns across the value chain. Marketing automation tools can be exceptionally powerful, if used correctly, to integrate with other functional areas of the business and prove the ROI of a variety of marketing tactics, enabling a better use of spend and increased customer growth.”

Increases open and click-through rates

Expert: Joey Baird

Background: Director of Digital Marketing, Sparxoo

“For several of our clients, as we’ve moved prospects further and further down the funnel using more and more specific marketing automation workflows, we’ve seen open rates as high as 70% and click-through rates as high as 60%. When you pair great content, with a brilliantly timed message in the right format, you can achieve significantly above average results.”

Marketing automation allows you to send timely email with relevant content. If you’re sending an email at the right time, it’ll drastically increase your open rate and click through rate.

Lets you be more targeted

Expert: Brady Keller

Background: Digital Marketing Strategist, Atlantic.net

“Marketing automation was created to help businesses scale relevant, worthwhile digital engagement for a large population of potential customers. No one has the time to send highly targeted emails to thousands of people at a time. Use the tools you’ve invested in already to help you configure that process in the most efficient way possible. Based on which automation platform you select, you will have a variety of customizable tools and workflows that will work around your specific instructions.”

Final words

The benefits of marketing automation are endless and in many ways connected.

Saving you time will save you money while generating better leads and increasing your conversion rate will make you money.

You get my point.

Start by building a solid foundation. Create a welcome email that is triggered when someone signs up for your newsletter. This way your new subscriber is onboarded correctly.

Then, set up an abandoned cart email. If your subscriber abandons a cart, make sure you’re reaching out to them reminding them that it’s not too late to check out.

The 7 marketing pros above realized the benefits of marketing automation. Take what they’ve seen work and use it to make your own automated marketing strategy. Do this and you’ll be seeing the benefits of marketing automation first hand.

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