Klaviyo delivers more customization, extensibility, and single source of truth capabilities. Users see 122x ROI

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KPE Q1 March 2022

Imagine an email marketing and SMS marketing tool that operates similarly to how you, a person, functions.

It would be software with a brain, an ability to process new information and learn from it, and a voice to communicate with others.

Well, imagine no longer. Klaviyo’s newest product updates build upon the database more than 250,000 brands use to deliver exceptional customer experiences and communications that replicate person-to-person interactions.

“That’s what Klaviyo is: a customer platform. It’s everything you need to treat your customers the way you would if you were with them in person—at scale,” says Andrew Bialecki, CEO and co-founder of Klaviyo.

At the heart of Klaviyo is our mission to empower creators to own their destiny—which is why we’ve designed our software to make your business and the way you communicate with your customers easy to scale.

Watch the video above or read on below to learn more about the product improvements we’ve made for the quarter.

Optimize cross-channel customer communication in a single source of truth

Klaviyo launched new features for multi-channel communication across email, SMS, and forms. The goal is to give Klaviyo customers more control over their brand voice and customer experience across all customer communication channels.

Already, the Klaviyo customer growth team is reporting triple digits returns on investment (ROI) for brands combining customer communication channels into a single tool.

“Over the past year, customers who used Klaviyo email and SMS together had an average of 122x ROI by delivering the right message to the right person, at the right time, on the right channel,” says Navin Jain, manager of Klaviyo’s customer growth team.

Using Klaviyo email and SMS together had an average of 122x ROI.

Navin Jain, manager of customer growth at Klaviyo

Now, the Klaviyo engineering team is giving brands even more power to dive deeper into individual customer cross-channel communication preferences, easily launch conversational marketing capabilities, and more quickly launch terms of service pages to abide by Customer-First Marketing best practices to ethically collect data.

Here are the four new cross-channel communication features:

  1. Form teasers: A signup form that’s docked as an easy-to-find but unobtrusive tab in the corner of your site visitors’ screen.
  2. Profile merging: A function that automatically merges separate “email only” and “phone number only” profiles for the same customer in Klaviyo—allowing for more precise reporting on analytics and smarter message targeting.
  3. Klaviyo-hosted mobile terms of service: A feature that can generate and host mobile terms of service that are unique to your brand and business needs.
  4. Two-way SMS conversations with Zendesk: This upcoming release will allow Klaviyo SMS customers with Zendesk to see and respond to incoming texts from customers as help desk tickets.

What messages you send to your audience can make or break your relationships with them. These improvements will allow you to design experiences that meet people where they’re at in their buying journey and leave a positive, lasting impression.

Control your reporting destiny and improve performance feedback loops

The Klaviyo platform has long put unparalleled machine learning capabilities into the hands of entrepreneurs, creators, and marketers, no matter their business size.

This machine learning portion of Klaviyo includes a set of tools and algorithms that have direct access to your underlying data, querying and building predictive models of what messages to send to your audience in seconds.

Much like a brain, Klaviyo also monitors how your customers respond to your outreach and learns to adapt accordingly to surface up smarter recommendations over time.

“The ‘learning’ section of our platform allows customers to proactively adjust their marketing strategies based on their own data and the data from other brands on Klaviyo,” says Jen Blagg, product manager at Klaviyo.

Now, the Klaviyo team is extending beta access to Klaviyo’s improved Performance Dashboard. This new dashboard aims to focus attention on the most important metrics and machine learning, while still providing deeper dive access into other areas as a customer needs them.

“We’re excited to invite customers to participate in a limited availability of Klaviyo’s improved Performance Dashboard, which will allow you to focus on the metrics that matter, without having to dive into multiple sections of the platform,” says Blagg.

Previously, if you wanted to see message analytics from your flows (automations) and campaign benchmarks, you’d have to navigate to different pages of the platform.

This new and improved Performance Dashboard corrals your data into a single view so you can spend more time making a plan of action and less time searching for insights.

Klaviyo performance dashboard

More Klaviyo customers now have the final say as to what appears on their dashboard, giving them immediate insight into their business based on the metrics they’ve deemed most important.

With custom views, you can pull in pre-built metric reports about your email or SMS funnel or the performance of each of your flows.

Email kpe-reporting@klaviyo.com for early access.

Build your brand, your way, with more extensibility

Klaviyo’s mission is to empower creators to own their destiny, and to better do that moving forward, we’re investing in API extensibility and growing our developer ecosystem.

“Our goal is to give you the ability to own all of your data by seamlessly bringing data in and out of Klaviyo to meet your needs,” says Justin Fink, director of developer marketing at Klaviyo. “To turn this into a reality, we need more flexible and extensible tools that empower everyone from marketers, to partners, to developers—to build on top of Klaviyo.”

As of today, there are two main ways the company is doing this:

  1. Webhook flow actions: This tool sends data via a webhook to a third-party platform at a specific point in a customer journey. Now you can create more personalized experiences across channels that Klaviyo may not control, as well as keep other systems up to date with all of your customer information.
  2. A developer portal: This portal is part of Klaviyo’s commitment to provide more information to the developers who use our platform. It includes developer-specific content so you can easily build your marketing technological world on top of Klaviyo.

Expect additional extensibility features and developer-community content in the near future, as Klaviyo focuses on putting customer data where our customers most need it––even if that’s not within our own platform. Get more details on these updates and hear from customers who’ve been using them.

Own your data, own your relationships, own your destiny

Customer-First DataTM is Klaviyo’s core competency, and these new features and tools empower Klaviyo customers to use that data to build Customer-First Marketing strategies for loyalty, retention, and brand dominance in their industry.

Meeting customers where they are at, with the right message, at the right time is no longer a marketing pipe dream. It’s what more than 250,000 Klaviyo users are doing right now––with more tools and features to optimize those strategies launching every month.

“Just like we decide who to text our daily Wordle triumph to or who to email for important career advice, Klaviyo does the same thing, but to millions of people concurrently,” says Bialecki.

Klaviyo is your tool for building strong customer relationships based on ethically collected data, all in a single source of truth. We won’t stop here. There is so much more to come.

Emily Riedy
Emily Riedy
Content marketing manager
Emily Riedy is a content marketing manager at Klaviyo where she works to publish content to educate and inspire online businesses owners and email marketers. Owned marketing channels are a means to building a substantial customer base for the long-term, and the content Emily is most passionate about helps business operators create strong business foundations in owned marketing principles. Before Klaviyo, Emily worked at a paid ads agency helping businesses transform their approach to digital advertising. When she's not strategizing marketing content, she is running around the streets of Boston training for whatever race is next up on the docket. She lives in the South End with her 2 year-old basenji Fig and frequents (probably too regularly) the local Spanish tapas spot.