Optimize Form Performance with Form Metrics

Form Metrics

Each month, the average ecommerce store loses at least 1.5% of their email list to unsubscribes or un-engagement. That’s why it’s so important to replenish your list with new contacts from signup forms and make sure that you’re gathering more new subscribers than you’re losing.

Today, we’re excited to announce the availability of signup form metrics inside of Klaviyo so that you can measure the effectiveness of your signup forms.

Evaluate form performance

Starting today, you can measure how many visitors are seeing and engaging with your Klaviyo forms within Klaviyo. These metrics are available in the analytics dashboard, and they include both tracked and untracked visitors to your website. The metrics began populating on September 18, and the four new available metrics are:

  • Viewed Form – Whenever a visitor views a Klaviyo form
  • Closed Form – Whenever a visitor closes a Klaviyo form
  • Engaged with Form – Whenever a visitor submits a signup form or clicks a “Go to URL” button on a form
  • Form Engagement Rate – The ratio of Engaged with Form to Viewed Form events

On the analytics dashboard, you can also split out form performance – by form, device type, or form type – to compare your engagement rate.

If you already have a live form, you’ll notice a new “Forms Overview” dashboard on your analytics dashboard with some default cards. If you’re new to forms, we’ll add this dashboard once you set your first form to live.

Seeing a lower engagement rate than you’d expect? Consider adding a more compelling value for signing up. Noticing lower mobile engagement rates? That might be a sign that you should add some mobile targeted signup forms. Use these metrics to understand the performance of your forms and inspire ideas for how you can optimize your subscriber capture strategy.

Stay in touch!

We know that new data often inspires more questions and deeper digging. We’re excited to hear about how you use these metrics and also learn more about what other insights you’re looking for so that we can continue to improve form analytics in Klaviyo. If you have an idea or feedback, send us a note at product@klaviyo.com!

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