Email marketing list growth

Tools to grow, retain, and engage your email list

Shoppers are waiting—it’s time you connect with them. Build a compliant and segmented email list that helps you connect with customers who want to hear from your business.

Migrate your list of email addresses

With just one import, you can migrate your existing email list and templates from your previous ESP to Klaviyo without losing any of your data. It’s that easy.

To migrate your current email addresses list, upload a CSV file with your customer data:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Custom properties (birthday, anniversary, etc.)
email list import confirmation in Klaviyo email platform

Living Proof grew their email list 29% in less than 2 quarters after switching to Klaviyo

We’ve seen open rates improve, click rates improve, and I think that’s a testament to how we warmed our email list and then grew it all together.
Ilana Cohen, senior ecommerce manager, Living Proof
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Intuitive features for your email list (and beyond)

more qualified

Apparel brand Pair of Thieves saw 8.5X list growth, 25% of revenue from automated emails. Pictured, young man on a skateboard.
Retain your customers

Turn one-time purchasers into lifelong customers with segmentation

Klaviyo’s advanced segmentation helps reach the right customer, at the right time—with real-time data that transforms your email list into ultra-precise audiences:

  • Send targeted campaigns based on shopping behavior, purchase history, and more.
  • Trigger email flows for specific customer actions.
  • Let real-time data syncs keep fresh customer data always on hand.
  • Use 260+ native integrations to help build hyper-specific customer experiences.
  • Retarget email list subscribers with cart abandonment, winback, and reengagement campaigns to increase retention.
Email list segmentation in Klaviyo marketing platform with a sample email image for free shipping

Fire Department Coffee sees 63% increase in revenue from Klaviyo

The fact that we were able to segment our audience and speak to customers specifically about certain products or who were frequent and infrequent buyers, there was so much more that we could do.
Brad Flaherty, CMO, Fire Department Coffee
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Frequently asked questions for email lists

Klaviyo pricing changes based on the size of your list. To estimate your pricing and find the plan that best fits your brand, view our pricing page.

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