Effectively Leveraging Customer Lifetime Value Data

The Klaviyo Customer Segment Episode #3

Welcome to the Klaviyo Customer Segment Podcast! It’s a podcast designed to share the incredible insights we gain from one-on-one conversations with our customers.

In episode #3, Kevin and I sit down with our resident data scientist, Christina Jaworsky, to talk about how Klaviyo uses data science to help customers use data like Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) effectively. First, we level-set on some data science terms and talked about how Klaviyo built our model to fit our customers. Then, we ask Christina what questions she typically answers about data science and how our customers are using the data to improve their business. In the deep cut, we discuss Klaviyo’s data model and how it improved on the standard CLV models.


Kevin tries to re-name the podcast before we go off the deep end into data science with Christina. Before she gets started, we ask her to tell us about her legendary game board heckling strategy. Start at 3:28 to get right into it.


What is data science?

We take some time to level set on what data science is in the context of Klaviyo and the definitions of CLV and churn.


How can customers use CLV?

With the definitions out of the way, we focus our attention on the actual features within Klaviyo. Specifically, how can customers leverage the CLV and churn data to improve their email marketing and get better results? And we get to talk about our favorite podcast topic….segments!


Common Data Science Questions

At this point in the conversation, Christina starts asking and answering the most common questions she receives about data science within Klaviyo, including the most-repeated question, “What’s the equation?”


What’s next for data science and Klaviyo?

We couldn’t let Christina leave without asking her what was the next cool thing her team was developing. She previews what’s next for Klaviyo customers and why it’s important.


Klaviyo’s Data Science Model: What’s Different?

For the hardcore learners, we dive a little deeper into the mathematics behind CLV models, why existing models just didn’t cut it for Klaviyo, and how Klaviyo’s model was developed into something unique for our customers.

Listen to the full episode.

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