Andrew Bialecki
Andrew Bialecki
Andrew Bialecki is the co-founder and CEO of Klaviyo, a leading unified customer data and marketing automation platform paving the way for entrepreneurs and creators to utilize data and email to form personal, 1:1 connections with their customers at internet scale. Since launching in 2012, Andrew has led the company to serve more than 275,000 brands who rely on the platform to deliver the same personalized customer experience online that is enjoyed in-store. The concept behind Klaviyo came from one of Andrew’s many different side hustles he’s created throughout his career -- a website dedicated to cataloging the dates and locations of local running races. After realizing the site wouldn’t scale, Andrew built a database to collect all of the e-commerce data he noticed was falling through the cracks, which ultimately led to the founding of Klaviyo. Today, Klaviyo is a rapidly growing $10B VC-backed marketing automation platform used by some of the world’s biggest brand names.
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