Text Messaging Reporting Tool

SMS tracking for ecommerce marketing

A SMS marketing reporting tool that tracks text campaign attribution without misleading or inflated results.
SMS and Email

A unified attribution model

Small businesses can consolidate email and SMS with Klaviyo to gain immediate clarity of the multi-channel performance.

  • Spend less time making sense of reporting from different platforms
  • Confidently attribute a sale to email or SMS, not both
  • Accurately forecast growth and allocate future budgets
Data Science

Customizable SMS conversion tracking

See which texts and emails drive sales, with adjustable attribution windows for email and sms that fit your business.

  • Adjust attribution windows to match your sales cycle
  • Calibrate attribution based on channel engagement like last click
  • Dynamically add UTM tracking for both email and SMS
SMS Platform

Make informed decisions for texting in real-time

Harness flexible and pre-built reports that make it easy to test, measure and optimize SMS performance in an instant.

  • Split test email vs SMS in key automations like abandoned cart
  • Save time and effort by using pre-built multi-channel reports and benchmarks
  • Identify channel preference using segments with engagement data

With reporting and attribution, Tatti Lashes knows exactly what's driving 6-figure revenue

We’re generating six-figure revenue just from the welcome SMS. People know that the brand doesn’t offer discounts so that gives us real power when it comes to devising incentives.
Nina Machin, Creative Lead, Tatti Lashes