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Ecommerce marketing tools to build your retail brand’s future

When you integrate with Klaviyo, you centralize all your customer and performance data. That means you can hyper-personalize your omnichannel marketing and measure your performance in real-time, staying focused and flexible.

Simplifying retail and ecommerce complexities

Image shows 3 of the 300+ integrations supported by Klaviyo: Magento, Zendesk, and Loyalty Lion.

Your brand’s entire ecommerce tech stack is welcome on Klaviyo. We’ve pre-built 300+ integrations to make syncing historical and real-time data easy and seamless.

Explore integrations for ecommerce platforms

Image shows 3 of the 300+ integrations supported by Klaviyo: Magento, Zendesk, and Loyalty Lion.
3 G2 badges awarded to Klaviyo for Spring 2023
G2 category leader

Based on user reviews, Klaviyo earned top recognition for marketing automation and personalization results.

Success stories: retail brands like yours

Andie Swim drove 55% YoY email revenue growth with integrated quiz data

Andie Swim’s Fit Finder Quiz helped customers find suits in the moment, but when it came time to build retention that quiz data was long gone—that is, until they integrated it with Klaviyo.

True Classic streamlined from 3 siloed point solutions to 1 platform 

Not only did True Classic cut complexity, they centralized their customer data. Now the messages they send in each channel are more targeted (that’s why their SMS click through rate improved 398%).

Annmarie Skin Care earned 69.8x ROI with Klaviyo

Like most ecommerce brands after the iOS 14.5 release, Annmarie Skin Care needed to pivot to owned channels like email and so they did, with great success.

Grind achieved 675% increase in revenue

Facing the closure of their stores during the pandemic, Grind focused on building their email strategy and increased revenue 675% between Q1 and Q2.

Honeylove saw 195% YoY growth in Klaviyo-attributed revenue

By unifying email and SMS on one platform, shapewear brand Honeylove got real-time data on email engagement to better segment their SMS messages.

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