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Klaviyo SMS now available in Ireland

In this product release 

Klaviyo brands in the United Kingdom have already harnessed SMS marketing for revenue growth and customer retention. Today, we are thrilled to extend Klaviyo SMS availability to companies based in Ireland.

Now, you can seamlessly utilize all your favorite Klaviyo features, such as segments and customer data, to launch targeted text campaigns and flows directed at your Irish audience. Whether you’re starting from square one or expanding your SMS outreach, rest assured, we’ve incorporated user-friendly tools to help you expand your SMS contact list in Ireland. These include mobile-optimized sign-up forms and easy opt-ins at checkout.

Furthermore, you enjoy unrestricted access to every data point, including insights into which individual text campaigns and automations are most successful in driving revenue. This empowers you to effortlessly craft and dispatch relevant, personalized messages across email, SMS and mobile push that will resonate with your Irish customers.

Getting started

Choosing a sending number

For our SMS customers in Ireland, Klaviyo offers two distinct phone number options: Branded Sender IDs and Irish Long Codes, each with its own set of advantages and limitations.

Branded Sender IDs:


  • Custom Branding: Branded Sender IDs allow you to personalize the sender ID to align with your brand, ensuring recipients always recognize the source of your messages.
  • Accessibility: Branded Sender IDs do not require verification and can be added to your account immediately. What’s even more convenient is that if you’re already using a Branded Sender ID for SMS marketing in the UK or Australia, you can employ the same Branded Sender ID for SMS in Ireland.


  • Lack Inbound Messaging: Branded Sender IDs cannot receive messages, meaning recipients cannot respond to your texts. Features like Click-to-text forms, SMS conversations, and subscribe keywords are not compatible with Branded Sender IDs without the ability for two-way communication.

Irish Long Codes:


  • Two-way Communication: Irish Long Codes can receive inbound messages, providing greater flexibility in your SMS interactions. This enables features such as double opt-in, Click-to-text forms, subscribe keywords, SMS conversations, and mobile support.


  • Lack of Branding: Long Codes lack the custom branding of Branded Sender IDs. The number appears like any other, however, we offer tools like Contact Cards and Branded SMS Short Links to help subscribers identify your brand. 
  • Verification Process: Long Codes must undergo a verification process, taking 1-3 business days before you can send messages. 

To learn more about these number types, their capabilities, and the process of adding a new number, please consult the resources from our Klaviyo Help Center below: 

Best practices

Ensuring SMS compliance in Ireland

After choosing your sending number for Ireland, it’s vital to establish SMS compliance best practices to ensure a strong start. Below, we outline best practices aligned with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and EU ePrivacy Regulations. Remember, this information is not legal advice. For comprehensive legal compliance, consult with your legal counsel to ensure your SMS program and message content align with relevant laws.

  1. Obtain Explicit Consent: Before sending messages, secure clear and specific consent from your recipients. Make sure your consent process aligns with GDPR requirements.
  1. Send During Daytime Hours: Respect your recipients’ local time by sending SMS messages between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. in their time zone.
  1. Identify Your Brand/Organization: Every SMS you send should clearly identify your brand or organization. Customize your sender ID or include your organization’s name at the beginning of your messages for brand recognition.
  1. Support HELP and STOP Keywords: Ensure your SMS messages support HELP and STOP keyword commands. Klaviyo supports these automatically to simplify compliance.
  1. Allow Opt-Out: Include mechanisms for recipients to easily opt out of your SMS communications. For Branded Sender IDs, employ unsubscribe links; for Long Codes, use opt-out keywords like “STOP.”
  1. Avoid Prohibited Content: Stay clear of content related to prohibited topics, such as illegal substances, hate speech, or high-risk financial services. Carriers may filter or block messages mentioning these topics.

By following these best practices, you can launch a successful and compliant SMS marketing program in Ireland, connecting with your audience effectively while respecting their privacy and preferences. Review these help center articles for even more information on SMS compliance in Ireland:

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We’re excited to introduce Klaviyo SMS to brands in Ireland, offering a range of powerful features. Whether you’re new to SMS or aiming to enhance your existing program, we’ve got you covered. Explore the following resources to build a successful SMS program: