Accelerate time to value and deliver outstanding customer experiences with the new Klaviyo-commercetools integration

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We’re excited to announce a new partnership and platform integration with commercetools—the leading provider of composable commerce.

As commerce technology evolves, many brands are turning away from traditional, monolithic platforms in favor of composable commerce. This modular approach gives brands the flexibility to build their ecommerce tech stack with best-of-breed solutions that fit their unique business needs. It also enables greater agility so brands can roll out new features, functionality, and customer experiences at a faster rate than ever before, like adding a new customer touchpoint or creating new product variations and discounts with ease. This allows them to stay innovative in response to market changes and evolving customer expectations. 

Many commercetools merchants—who seek the same level of flexibility and agility in their marketing—are already seeing success using Klaviyo, including SABA who has grown email revenue 25% YoY. Our new integration accelerates implementation, allowing brands to easily sync commercetools data into Klaviyo to deliver truly personalized experiences across the customer journey. 

“We’re excited about the new partnership with Klaviyo based on our shared value of helping brands deliver outstanding customer experiences through flexible, customizable, and powerful personalization at scale. Our partnership will further empower brands to execute commerce strategies that drive sustainable long term growth and maximize the lifetime value of their best customers”
Christopher Holley, Global Director, ISV Partnerships, commercetools

Get up and running quickly with a pre-built, configurable integration and open APIs

The Klaviyo-commercetools integration streamlines implementation so you can get started with Klaviyo and start seeing ROI quickly. We’ve done the hard work for you by developing an open-source connector that contains all the code, logic, and instructions needed for you to deploy a solution that runs on your cloud of choice. It is scoped to sync real-time and historical data from commercetools Composable Commerce into Klaviyo, giving you fast and easy access to customer, product, and order records.

The integration provides complete flexibility so you can configure the code to meet the unique needs of your business (e.g. deciding which customer properties to sync, how to map event payloads, etc.). 

In addition to syncing your backend data, the integration includes straightforward guidance for syncing onsite metrics (i.e. active on site, viewed product, added to cart, and started checkout) into Klaviyo—regardless of the frontend solution you use. 

With your frontend and backend data syncing into Klaviyo, our 300+ out-of-the-box integrations and open APIs make it easy to aggregate this with customer data from across your tech stack (point of sale, on-site personalization, search, loyalty provider, etc.), providing a single source of truth for every customer. 

And, as your business continues to grow and evolve, our powerful data infrastructure will scale with you, allowing you to store nearly limitless volumes of customer data from across all touchpoints. This data is easily accessible within the Klaviyo platform to deliver personalized customer experiences across your channels—email, SMS, mobile push, and more.

“We have groups of online and offline customers. By connecting commercetools and NetSuite with Klaviyo, we finally have a full picture of our customer base, which we didn’t have with our previous marketing platform.”
Lucy Parker, Channel and Marketing Manager, Cargo Crew

Drive more sales with Klaviyo and commercetools

Let’s look at some of the ways Klaviyo enables true personalization using your unified data:

Automate cross-channel flows throughout the customer journey

With all your data in one place, you can easily create customer journeys that automatically trigger based on individual behavior. This can be an action your customer takes directly on your website, like abandoning their cart, or elsewhere, like making an in-store purchase or signing up for your loyalty program.

“Our shoppers often need to check with their managers and other employees before completing their purchase. With Klaviyo and commercetools, we finally have a functioning abandoned cart flow. Not only has this helped us increase conversions, it’s also helped customers easily reclaim their cart and improved the shopping experience.”
Lucy Parker, Channel and Marketing Manager, Cargo Crew

Create granular customer segments to deliver targeted offers and product recommendations

Create segments as granular as you need at remarkably fast speeds. Go beyond basic targeting to segment your customers based on products purchased within a specific time period, website browsing behavior, quiz responses collected, loyalty tiers, and on an unlimited number of custom attributes. Then, you can deliver content and product recommendations that are uniquely relevant to each segment.

Conduct smart A/B tests to keep up with your customers changing expectations

Continue to test your marketing tactics to discover what resonates best with your customers. Quickly spin up new tests to determine which communications drive more opens, clicks, and purchases. Once a variant is determined to be the winner, Klaviyo will automatically send that variant to the rest of your audience, to ensure you’re sending the most effective content without the added time and resources to select a winner yourself.

All the marketing tactics and use cases you need to deploy—regardless of how complex—can be easily executed within Klaviyo. You don’t need to involve an army of marketing specialists, analysts, and developers to get these out the door. This gives you, as the marketer, more control, allowing you to quickly respond to the shifting demands of your business and your customers.

Get started today

As your business continues to evolve, Klaviyo and commercetools enable you to remain agile while delivering outstanding, innovative customer experiences that drive revenue. 

And with the Klaviyo-commercetools integration, it’s easy to get started. Learn more about the integration and how to access the open-source connector here

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