SABA grows email revenue 26% QoQ after switching to “easy-to-use” Klaviyo

Customer: SABAIndustry: Apparel and accessoriesPlatform: commercetools


QoQ growth in email marketing revenue in Q1 2023


QoQ growth in SMS placed order rate in Q1 2023

SABA gets its name from founder and designer Joe Saba, who opened his first shop in 1965 on Melbourne’s Flinders Lane. Since then, the Australian fashion house has evolved with the times, releasing seasonal men’s and women’s collections that complement their elevated essentials. Today, the omnichannel brand has 50+ brick-and-mortar locations and an online store, all operated by luxury retail group APG & Co.

Learn why SABA left Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Klaviyo


With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, SABA ecommerce executive Kate Mason couldn’t send a marketing email. Only one person on SABA’s whole team could. Building and sending an email required HTML coding in Salesforce, and that required a rare skill set— which created a bottleneck around email when that lone hire got sick or took a day off.

“It would be very difficult if someone was on annual leave,” Mason says. “We would have to get a temp or contractor to cover. Salesforce was definitely not a long-term solution.”

Salesforce was definitely not a long-term solution.
Kate Mason
Ecommerce executive, SABA


In 2021, SABA left Salesforce for a new, headless tech stack, including Commercetools for ecommerce and Klaviyo for marketing automation.

Once the SABA team connected Klaviyo and Commercetools, email marketing got simpler. Klaviyo’s drag-and-drop email builder with cloning functionality was “quicker and easier to use” than Salesforce, Mason says—multiple people on the team could use it.


In Klaviyo, SABA launched a new channel—SMS—and set up a starter owned marketing program: 3 email campaigns a week, a monthly SMS campaign, and flows.

Today, the team is iterating toward a more personalized experience for subscribers, using Klaviyo features like:

  • Smart sending: To minimize unsubscribes, SABA uses this Klaviyo feature to ensure users get no more than 3 emails a week. If someone receives a flow email, they’ll get one less campaign that week.
  • Segmentation: Mason lightly segments SABA’s campaigns, sending different dynamic content to men and women to maximize relevance and engagement.
  • A/B testing for flows: This is the next big project on Mason’s roster—reviewing and optimizing SABA’s 15+ live flows to reengage and retain customers.

“Klaviyo is easy to use,” Mason says. “I’ve trained a couple of people in it, and they pick it up very quickly.”

Klaviyo is easy to use. I’ve trained a couple of people in it, and they pick it up very quickly.
Kate Mason
Ecommerce executive, SABA
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