Cultivate trust and engagement with Klaviyo’s branded SMS short links

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SMS Settings page displaying branded SMS short links
Build stronger one-to-one relationships with SMS
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Stand out from the crowd and encourage subscribers to engage with your brand.

In this product release 

We’re excited to bring our Klaviyo SMS customers the ability to customize the domain for your SMS short links, helping you to establish a recognizable brand identity and build trust with subscribers. 

With branded SMS short links, your SMS messages will stand out from the crowd and encourage subscribers to engage with your brand.

The challenge 

Building trust amidst growing concerns

In the dynamic world of modern digital marketing, SMS has emerged as a powerful channel to connect with valued customers. However, as the popularity of SMS marketing grows, so does the threat of phishing and spam attempts.

These malicious actions have raised consumer concerns about the legitimacy of the texts they receive, and may lead to hesitancy in engaging with them.

The solution 

Branded SMS Short Links

In response to this challenge, Klaviyo is excited to introduce Branded SMS Short Links. This feature empowers you to personalize the domain for your SMS short links, seamlessly embedding your brand identity into every interaction.

By doing so, you can alleviate subscriber concerns, foster genuine engagement, and establish a bond of trust with your subscribers.

Branded links bridge the gap between your SMS promotions and your website, offering a seamless brand journey. By presenting familiar URLs, you encourage subscribers to explore further, directing traffic to your website and nurturing deeper connections.

Getting started

To create your personalized branded SMS short link, you’ll need to be on a paid SMS plan with Klaviyo. Once you’ve done that, Klaviyo offers two options to personalize your SMS links, ensuring alignment with your brand identity:

  1. Branded Klaviyo link (e.g.,
  2. Branded custom link (e.g.

Branded Klaviyo link

Branded Klaviyo links, or subdomains, strike a balance between brand personalization and Klaviyo’s URL reference. While the Klaviyo URL is present, the subdomain showcases your brand (e.g., Setting this up is straightforward:

  1. Navigate to the SMS Settings page in your Klaviyo account.
  2. Go to Settings > SMS > Short Links.
  3. Next to Branded Klaviyo link, click Add.

Klaviyo’s platform will provide guidance on subdomain length and availability, ensuring a smooth setup experience.

Branded custom link

Branded custom links enable you to create URLs that are tailor-made for your brand (e.g., Unlike branded Klaviyo links, there’s no reference to Klaviyo’s auto-generated URL. This feature is readily available upon request from your account’s SMS Settings page.

By selecting “Request”, you’ll be directed to a short form where you can add your website URL, domain you’d like to use, and CNAME records from your DNS provider. 

Next steps

Set up your custom branded link today and start building trust and engagement with your SMS subscribers. For more detail, review our help center articles to learn more about how to create your own branded SMS short links: