Customer communications platform

Create personal moments that matter

If you just want to send emails, any tool can handle the basics.

If you want to grow your business by taking full advantage of the channels that matter most—SMS, email, push, paid channels—welcome to Klaviyo.

Drop-dead gorgeous templates

Your brand is your reputation. Of course you want to show it in the best possible light. With Klaviyo, you can create striking emails and forms at scale, surprisingly quickly.

Start with a library of data-proven templates, incorporate your brand colors and images, and you’re ready to go.

Kick it up a notch with personalization, background images, and reusable content blocks, all without a lick of code. Will it look great on mobile? Most certainly.

Using a Klaviyo template to build a polished marketing email that advertises leather bags

Light-years ahead of “Hi, first_name”

Greeting a person by name is a kind gesture. But sharing useful, relevant, well-timed information speaks volumes.

Klaviyo helps you learn a ton about your customers: the products they love, the way they shop, the best time and method to reach them.

So when Cindy in Cincinnati checks her email and sees the strappy sandals of her dreams, in her size and in stock, she feels like it’s written just for her (because it is).

Side-by-side views of Cindy Murakami’s customer profile, a window displaying Smart Send Time, and a back-in-stock email about a bag she’d been looking at

Like money growing on trees

So much of running a business is a hustle, and time is always in short supply.

Klaviyo’s automated flows are a sales powerhouse. Hundreds of top ecommerce flows are built in: price drop triggers, back-in-stock alerts, cross-sells, upsells.

The right mix of emails and texts automatically go out in response to a form filled, product viewed, cart started, and more—tailored to the customer’s shopping habits and communication preferences.

That’s how you get customers to shop more, spend more, and stick around longer.

A view of Klaviyo’s automation library, with a cursor selecting “Encourage repeat purchases”
The best message for every moment


Quick-hitting texts with compliance built in.


Personalization, background images, A/B testing (to name a few).


Grow your lists, and collect data for targeting and personalization.


Automated emails and texts for round-the-clock revenue.


Announce your latest sale, launch, or seasonal collection.

Paid channels

Create lookalike audiences to reach new customers on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Push notifications

Send campaigns and automations through your iOS or Android app.


Transactional, promotional, lifecycle—all ready to go.