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Sportique started as an online-only business first, but has since expanded to brick and mortar stores to sell their unique outdoor gear gifts for men and women. Through it all, they’ve maintained their mission-driven ethos and commitment to making the world a better place. In their own words, “We have made it our goal to provide fashionable and functional products that propel your adventures to the next level while promoting philanthropy and sustainability.” Their philosophy carries over to how they approach their email marketing: Sportique is dedicated to making sure they build and manage their lists so that only highly engaged subscribers remain opted in. And that’s why the revenue they generate per email subscriber is much higher than your average ecommerce shop.

How did Sportique increased the value of their subscriber base?

According to Ben LoBue from Sportique, “we’ve specifically avoided paying for new subscribers, or growing our list in a less targeted way”. Since Sportique is multi-channel, they sell on multiple platforms and have different customer groups that have subscribed to hear from them on different channels. They tried combining these groups and found that the response was relatively low. Sportique found this to be a great lesson learned on how segmentation and keeping inline with customer expectations is important.

They are also doing some serious list cleaning quarterly to make sure their list is sparkling. Sportique segments out all non-engaged subscribers over a rolling 60 days. They’ll send that segmented list a unique campaign to attempt reengagement, and if unsuccessful, they will remove them altogether. As they dive into 2017 they are interested in cleaning the list more often as they continue to ramp up their email marketing.

But list cleaning isn’t the only silver bullet to their success. In Q4 of 2016 Sportique spent time reworking their email designs. They wanted their branding to be more consistent and mobile friendly across all email clients. So they teamed up a design agency to make standard templates that they can cut apart as needed. Now that they’ve found a style that works for them, they’re committed to going farther with automation, segmentation, and re-engagement.

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Want to grow your list? Clean it!

As tempting as it may be to pay for new subscribers, this is a best practices no-no. Learn from Sportique: invest time into segmenting and list cleaning. That makes it easier to send all of your subscribers targeted messages. Yes, your list will get smaller...but it's worth it. Start by segmenting out unengaged subscribers after a certain period of time. 60 or 90 days of inactivity is a great place to start.

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