Data-driven awards recognizing our incredible customers.

We’re proud to announce The Klaviyos, our first award program — that is truly data driven! The Klaviyos aims to highlight ecommerce marketers who are doing exceptional marketing and have the data to prove it. We’ve combed through mountains of intel to find ecommerce businesses that are knocking it out of the park with their marketing messages and sales.

Outstanding Targeted Marketing

To determine the winners in this category, we examined accounts to see which businesses were leading the pack by segmenting their master list to reach customers with the most relevant, engaging, and timely messages. These finalists have all finely tuned their segments, boasting at least 200 different segments per company.

Excellent Newsletter

What makes a truly exceptional newsletter? We looked for companies that had a seriously high open rate, conversion rate, and/or revenue that was directly tied to interactions with their newsletter. These finalists have crafted some of the best newsletters in the business.

Serious ROI

Finalists in this category have experienced phenomenal ROI from their investment in Klaviyo.

Great Welcome Series

Getting a relationship off on the right foot with a new subscriber can be tricky business. We analyzed the conversion value of all of our customer accounts to see which welcome series campaigns excelled.

Impressive Email Revenue

For this category, we took a look at the top revenue producing ecommerce stores using Klaviyo for email. Each of these finalists have made more than $400K using email in 2016.

Exceptional Integrated Campaign (Facebook & Email)

Like peanut butter and jelly, email marketing and Facebook retargeting are a pretty sweet pair. These finalists have knocked it out of the park with the 1-2 punch of an integrated campaign.

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Highly Valuable Subscriber Base

If you’re still a believer that list size equals value, check out this award-- Highly valuable subscriber base. These companies have some of the highest value contacts, each averaging at least $2 per contact.

Standout Browse Abandonment Email

These finalists have mastered the art of a successful browse abandonment email. We took a look at the percentage of conversions of browse abandonment emails sent compared with the number delivered to determine the finalists. Each finalist has had at least a 8% conversion rate from their browse abandonment emails.

The Money Maker! Top Revenue

These finalists are at the front of the pack for revenue. Cha-ching!

Game Changing Win-Back Series

Getting back in touch with inactive customers can be hard. This finalist has perfected their win-back series to get inactive users engaged and purchasing again.

High Growth Ecommerce Store

Up and to the right? Yes, please! These ecommerce stores experienced high growth in 2016. We based the finalists of this award on the biggest increase in contacts to an account.

Incredibly Creative Name

Bonus round! With over 2,000 ecommerce stores using Klaviyo, we’ve seen some very creative names. These finalists have some of the most unique and memorable names we’ve come across.

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