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Moving to a new platform is no small feat

Klaviyo does everything you need, and we help you make a smooth, successful transition. So make yourself at home. We can’t wait to help you grow.

You're in good hands

You’re in good hands

First, you have to get through this transition in the first place. That’s where our agency partners come in. They’re ready to help you enjoy a painless move to Klaviyo.

From then on, Klaviyo provides ongoing support to keep your email program running smoothly and profitably.

  • Transition partners to help you move
  • Dedicated onboarding assistance
  • Ongoing support at no added cost

You’re set up for success

Other Bronto users are in your same shoes, and many are moving to Klaviyo. Why us?

They want a marketing platform that will do what they need, make their job easier, and stand the test of time.

  • Easy to create email and SMS campaigns
  • Proven reliability, with 1+ billion messages sent Black Friday 2020
  • Future-proof, with continuous improvements and 200+ integrations
You’re set up for success
You’re in charge

You’re in charge

Klaviyo doesn’t play games with upselling or long-term contracts.

All our powerful marketing tools are available to you from the start. With clear month-to-month pricing, you can stay not because you have to, but because it’s worth it.

  • No annual contracts
  • No hidden or surprise charges
  • No added fees for “premium” features
Our onboarding was actually quite enjoyable! And I never thought I would ever be saying that. It happened quickly – our onboarding specialist was brilliant – scheduled in all our onboarding meetings in a timely fashion – made herself available to answer any questions we had – and was incredibly knowledgeable about the platform.
Jenni Mcnally
Family Tickets

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Klaviyo’s agency partners can help you make a smooth, successful transition

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