Capture More Revenue with Back in Stock Flows

When one of your products unexpectedly sells out, your customers are understandably disappointed, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll come back to buy when you finally restock that item. That can lead to you losing both customer goodwill and revenue.

To solve this situation, you want to collect the information of interested shoppers, and reach out to them when you restock so that they can come back and complete their purchase.

Klaviyo is simplifying this process for Shopify customers starting today, and for other platforms later in 2018.

Now Available: Back in Stock for Shopify

Klaviyo is pleased to announce the release of a new Back In Stock feature for Shopify that lets customers signup for alerts straight from your website when an item they want is sold-out.

The power of Klaviyo Flows takes care of the rest.  When you update your inventory to bring an item back into stock, we’ll automatically email subscribed shoppers letting them know, giving them a chance to get what they want and giving you a chance to capture that sale.  There’s nothing you need to change in your process – we automatically detect changes in your Shopify inventory to trigger email sends.  All you need to do is add this feature to your Shopify store, configure a flow to handle these notification alerts, and then just sit back and relax.

Just like your other Klaviyo flows, you can configure the message that goes out however you like. For example, consider using different templates, styles, or information for different types of products or product lines. You can include a discount code to incentivize a fast response or to buy in conjunction with other popular products or new releases. It’s also worth trying multiple reminders spread over a few days when the product comes back into stock, so if your customers don’t act off the first message they get an additional chance, and you can filter them from the series once they do purchase.

Results of Back in Stock Flows

We’ve already seen great results from early adopters. The Back In Stock flow is generating the highest revenue per recipient of any of their flows, and has outperformed the revenue per recipient for the second-best flow by almost 75%.  Message open rates are over 50% – nearly double the results of their next best flow. They are sending targeted emails directly to the people who are most interested in a specific product, so it’s easy to make the sale.

Setup is straightforward: you can start capturing your customers’ emails within minutes of enabling this feature. To set up Back In Stock flows for your store, view this help doc and follow the instructions to have it set live within minutes.

Sarah Wachter
Sarah Wachter is the product manager for the integrations team at Klaviyo. She loves figuring out how to make your data do awesome things for your business. When she’s not reading API documentation, you can find her at the rock gym.
  • Stuart Wooster

    We use a Bigcommerce app that does this exact feature and it is a must have for any store that has stock fluctuations. I highly recommend any Shopify customers to use this straight away.

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