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Klaviyo Master Class - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

We get it. You’ve got this big list of users in Klaviyo and you are hesitant to suppress any users, even if they haven’t opened or clicked on any of your emails in a while. But breaking up with inactive users can help increase your engagement rates and help you have a deeper understanding of your ideal customer profile.

But not all inactive subscribers are created equal — how do you make sure you are reaching out to customers who may re-engage?

Watch this helpful session on win-back flows, sunset flows, and automating your inactive user suppression (and why you should be doing all three!)

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With much of the world entering shelter-in-place, the food & beverage industry has seen a rise in demand for delivery. Join us during this session as we break down a few brands that deliver exceptional customer experiences and are capitalizing on the recent shift in consumer behavior.

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Many people are currently at home with more time for working on projects and a need to entertain themselves or their children. The Toys and Hobbies industry has seen a rise in demand for products to keep everyone occupied. Join this Klaviyo: NOW session for best practices from different brands during this time.

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Best Practices for Health and Beauty

May 14, 2020 at 01:00 PM Eastern Time

Health & beauty routines have changed drastically for some, with extra attention paid toward self-care in our current, remote lifestyles. Some health & beauty brands embrace this new normal. Learn how these brands are adopting strategies to strengthen their relationship with their customers and better cater to their evolving preferences and care needs.

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Best Practices for Apparel and Accessories

Despite all the changes that have come with the effects of the coronavirus, email continues to be an effective channel for apparel & accessories brands to drive engagement and conversions with their customers. This session covers best practices for apparel & accessory brands as they pivot to respond to opportunities in the market

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Klaviyo: NOW Being human and transparent in brand communications

In this unprecedented time, bringing authenticity and transparency to your brand communications will help you better communicate with your prospective customers and customers. Learn how to optimize your communication to develop better connections and engagement with your owned marketing channels.

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Transitioning from Brick and Mortar to online ecommerce

With much of the world entering shelter-in-place, businesses everywhere with brick and mortar locations are transitioning their business online. This session will help customers who are new to email marketing or transitioning from mostly in-person sales to online sales optimize their use of Klaviyo.

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Klaviyo NOW: Subject lines and content best practices

During these unprecedented times, many marketers are wondering if they are reaching out to the right people, at the right time, with the right message. Watch the second part of an interactive series where we will outline the best practices for subject lines and content during COVID-19.

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Klaviyo NOW: Creating buying guides for conversion

During times of extreme shifts in buyer behavior, companies that focus on helping, rather than selling are seeing more success in their conversion rate. This session will give you best practices for creating and sending helpful guides for items that make customer’s lives easier. This is a fantastic way to help your customers and be a trusted partner.

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Klaviyo NOW: Customer Acquisition best practices

During these unprecedented times, many marketers are wondering if they are reaching out to the right people, at the right time, with the right message. Join us in the third part of an interactive series where we will identify new methods and best practices in customer acquisition to ensure your top of the funnel practices are optimized.

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Klaviyo NOW: Trendspotting Businesses taking their services viral

Selling virtual services in addition to physical goods can help expand your market offerings in a time of social distancing. Join us for this interactive session where we will share and help brainstorm supplemental virtual service ideas.

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Klaviyo NOW: Guide to Building Your Brand Voice

During this time of social distancing, people are looking for entertainment and connection. Open rates are high for many marketers, giving a unique opportunity to engage your customers, build community, and encourage customers to share on social media – leading to a greater brand presence and awareness.

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Klaviyo LIVE: Health Check-Transactional Emails

Helping your customers understand the status of their purchase can help you effectively set expectations and build strong customer relationships. Learn how to implement back in stock notifications to help drive conversions for items that may be impacted by supply chain or shipping delays.

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Klaviyo NOW: Optimizing Your Local Business

In changing times, owning your marketing is key to long-term success. Join us to learn how to optimize your customer engagement to bring more of your transactions from 3rd party platforms to your owned marketing channels.

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