Automated flows

Deliver more relevant experiences with automated flows

Create the ultimate customer journey with smart automation and deep personalization. Send timely, tailored messages that respond to customer data and real-time behavior.

Go beyond basic drip campaigns

  • Fast time to value

    Save time with 60+ pre-built flow templates, ready to go as-is or customizable — no developer required.

  • Easy to use

    Lay out each automation with a drag-and-drop flow builder that puts you in control.

  • Fully customizable

    Customize and trigger each flow using any data you’ve stored in Klaviyo or integrated from other tools.

  • Cross-channel flows

    Build cross-channel experiences with email, SMS, and push notifications in the same flow—with consolidated flow reports in one place.

Support the entire customer journey

Pre-built and customizable flows make it easy to automate timely responses to key subscriber actions.

Automate key messages quickly with 60+ pre-built flows

Select a pre-built flow template, add your branding, and customize with just a few clicks. All flow templates feature built-in split logic — no backend configuration necessary. Here are a few examples of popular flows that help brands drive more revenue on Klaviyo.

A product illustration shows a welcome series flow triggered by new subscribers. Beside it, a phone screen displays an email that reads "Thanks for signing up!"

Welcome series

Greet new subscribers and introduce your brand with messages that make a great first impression.

An illustration of an abandoned cart reminder flow overlaps with a cell phone screen. The phone screen displays the headline "You forgot something," followed by an abandoned cart message.

Abandoned cart reminder

Drive more revenue by reminding subscribers about products they didn’t finish purchasing.

A product illustration shows a flow that was triggered by order fulfillment. The illustration overlaps with a phone, which displays an email with the headline "Don't keep it to yourself!" The email encourages the recipient to leave a review of their recent order.

Post-purchase follow-up

Ask customers to review your products once they’ve received them.

An illustration shows a flow triggered by someone viewing a product. The illustration overlaps with a phone screen displaying the SMS message: "Did you see something you liked? Here are a couple items you've been checking out." with a link.

Browse abandonment

Remind subscribers about specific products that caught their attention while browsing.

An illustration displays a flow triggered by when an item's price drops and someone viewed that item. Beside the illustration, a phone screen displays an SMS message with a price drop alert about a specific product.

Price drop reminder

Reach out to subscribers when they can get a deal on products they’ve browsed.

An illustration displays a flow triggered by someone subscribing to notified when an item is back in stock. The illustration overlaps with a phone, which displays an email with the headline "The wait is over!" The email encourages the recipient to shop now before the item it out of stock again.

Back in stock reminder

Let subscribers know when a product they’re interested in is back in stock.

Intelligent automation meets easy customization

Create custom flows that trigger timely experiences in response to a subscriber action, event, or milestone of your choice. Then, you can build branching conditions (“split logic”) for more relevant customer journeys.

Behaviors that trigger flows

  • Viewed a product
  • Started checkout
  • Placed an order
  • Filled out a form
  • Price drop
  • Dates (anniversary, birthdays)
  • Predicted next order
  • No engagement after a while
  • Signed up to SMS

Split content by

  • Cart value
  • VIP vs. non-VIP
  • New vs. returning customer
  • Location
  • Visited site within the last 3 days vs. not
  • Viewed product vs. didn’t view product
  • Product type
  • High LTV vs. low LTV
  • Random sampling (for A/B testing)
Scale your impact with automation for email, SMS, push notifications, and more

Trigger platforms across your tech stack with webhooks

Automate real-time processes in another application or server by adding a webhook to your flow. Webhooks can send real-time information to any other platform you use.

Save time by using webhooks to trigger processes like:

  • Sending a thank you card to a new customer
  • Giving loyalty points when a subscriber fills out a form
  • Sending a gift card after a customer mentions you on social media
A product illustration shows a flow that's triggered when someone earns a new reward tier. By its side, a phone screen displays an email announcing their new reward tier.

Wilkinson Sword increases revenue with automated flows

“We retarget people based on what they’ve clicked within an email. After they click, we send them another email that’s directly related to what they expressed an interest in. Through that we get really high open rates—around 60 percent—and also a really strong conversion rate.”
John Pagni, ecommerce assistant, Edgewell
39% purchase rate from a welcome series flow for Wilkinson Sword with Klaviyo over image of Wilkinson shaving products.

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Frequently asked questions

In Klaviyo, an automated flow is a feature that triggers a specific action or experience in response to a particular behavior, milestone, event, or subscriber data. If you’ve used other marketing tools, you might also know automated flows as “automations” or “drip campaigns.”