From targeting to analytics, Klaviyo gives you the tools to send the right emails to the right people at the right time.

Intelligent Targeting: Find the people you're looking to engage

People prefer messages that are relevant to them and appear in their inboxes when they're thinking about you. With Klaviyo, you can give them what they want.

Our targeting engine gives you the flexibility to trigger emails based on specific actions as well as each person's unique history.

Want to trigger an email when someone buys a specific product or when someone signs in for the first time in several months? With real-time segments, Klaviyo supports those use cases and more. Read more →

Personalized Emails: Our email editor and template language give you control

  • Klaviyo's drag and drop email editor makes it easy to create beautiful, engaging emails.

  • Our template language gives you the flexibility to tailor your message specifically for the person receiving it.

See What Happens: Conversion analytics tell you if you're having an impact

Opens and clicks are helpful, but they're just the beginning. To optimize and refine your emails, you need to know how it's influencing people.

Klaviyo has the most advanced email analytics to tell you exactly what your email caused people to do.