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Jones Road Beauty grows Klaviyo-attributed BFCM revenue 167% YoY

"If you want to grow any DTC business, you’re on Shopify and you’re on Klaviyo. You shouldn’t even waste time considering anything else."
Cody Plofker, CMO, Jones Road Beauty

Made In consolidates 3 channels in Klaviyo and grows AOV 26.1%

"There are so many things that go into retention. Being able to build a strategy around the platform at hand, and then go in and easily execute, is such a win. Klaviyo’s impact has been huge for us."
Don Smoli, director of lifecycle marketing, Made In
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Marine Layer grows Klaviyo revenue 40.4% YoY using email, SMS + POS integration

"We have stores across the country, and we have a fast-growing DTC business. Thank goodness we’ve been able to put all our data in Klaviyo."
Renee Halvorsen, CMO, Marine Layer
Image shows the Marine Layer storefront.

"If I could do it again, I definitely would’ve started with Klaviyo earlier."

Ellen Bennett, founder of Hedley + Bennett

Beekman 1802

"I’ve worked with platforms from Mailchimp to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Klaviyo provides the best set of technology tools."


"Klaviyo is very user-friendly. With other platforms, the operational overhead is high. Things would take longer, require more resources—it was just more painful to drive the same impact."

The Willow Tree Boutique

"After we started sending campaigns to segments created with Klaviyo’s predictive analytics, all our metrics improved, and our revenue improved drastically."


"I highly suggest Klaviyo AI—we tap into probably only 30% of what we could do in Klaviyo, and it’s already been amazing."

Every Man Jack

"I trust and value the AI functionality in Klaviyo because it saves me time, it helps me leverage our customer data to personalize our email timing and strategies, and most importantly, I maintain complete control over how and when it’s used."