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Mixtiles unites email and text for a more engaging customer experience that drives nearly 50% of all revenue

In a previous company, I used another tool where it wasn’t possible to set the strategy and execute on these kinds of campaigns—we needed two people. I would set the direction, but someone else did the actual segmentation, building, and sending. But it’s so easy with Klaviyo, I can do it all.
-Guy Pessah, lifecycle marketing manager at Mixtiles
A hand positions a Mixtile on a blue wall. There are other tiles already in place.

HOMAGE increases their SMS subscribers by 40% using Klaviyo

Using both email and SMS in the same platform is a huge advantage, because we’re able to harness that historic customer data and utilize it for a new channel. It’s exciting for us to have both channels work so seamlessly together.
-Justin Nottke, director of digital design at HOMAGE
A model in a gray HOMAGE basketball t-shirt sits with a basketball on a basketball court

Maison Miru sees a 190% increase in email subscribers with Klaviyo

We’re looking for the right customers, not necessarily a target number. It’s a healthy list. That’s what matters to us.
-Trisha Okubo, Co-founder of Maison Miru
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“Nothing is made for ecommerce the way Klaviyo was built around ecommerce.”

Jason Wong, founder of Doe Lashes

Male model wears green Montirex sports jacket


Learn how sportswear brand Montirex used Klaviyo email and SMS to increase revenue by over 300%.

Valentte scented candle


Discover how the natural fragrance brand combined Klaviyo with WooCommerce to skyrocket their email revenue.



Learn how italist achieved 10x growth in email segments switching from Mailchimp to Klaviyo.

The team at Fire Department Coffee

Fire Department Coffee

Learn how Fire Department Coffee has 95% increase in email open rates using Klaviyo.


Learn how the Italian designer brand exploded email list growth 40x during its Black Friday campaign.