Top Streetwear increases revenue 20% with segmented email marketing



Founded in 2008, Top Streetwear is one of Europe’s leading sites for hip hop and urban apparel. They are headquartered in Germany and also have offices in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, the UK, and Germany.

When it comes to marketing, Top Streetwear does a little bit of everything – Adwords, SEO, Facebook, and of course, email. Their previous approach to email marketing was hammering out emails every day without considering that they were annoying their customers.

They ended up paying for this approach, seeing a significant drop in opens and conversions. It was time for an overhaul.

“We had gotten into harassment mode,” says Shadim Hussain, the company’s CEO. “We had a period of just hammering out emails every day and we didn’t really consider the fact that we were annoying our customers.”


Using Klaviyo

They took a look at their lists and decided to use Klaviyo’s email segmentation tools to divide their contacts up into two groups. There were “healthy” customers who had placed an order or opened an email within the past six months. A separate group was formed from the latent contacts.

Top Streetwear emailed engaged users more often and emailed the other people less frequently, and sometimes offered more generous incentives to less-engaged lists in order to re-ignite their interest in the company.

“We found that we obviously had a strong increase in open rates on the emails, but also much better conversion rates as well. We went from emailing every day to emailing two or three times a week, which worked a lot better for us. We were getting the same level of conversions through fewer emails and harassing the customers less,” says Shadim.



The results of this new approach speak for themselves. The unsubscribe rate went up just slightly overall, but that’s because they had reached out to contacts that they hadn’t been in touch with for a while.

Shadim offers his take on the results: “I think sometimes even when you are interested in a product or site, when you get an email every day you tend to switch off and block it. I think the break in-between must have struck a chord with customers. It’s like if they are only sending me something a few times a week, what they take the time to send must be good.”

“Not all technologies sit well with Magento, but it this case it works quite nicely. It obviously is not just purely an email tool. It’s a good analytics tool as well. The speed at which we were able to produce these reports in the dashboard in just a few seconds is great,” says Shadim.

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