How Liberty In North Korea Raised $34K In 48 Hours To Help Fund Rescues


Liberty in North Korea’s (LiNK) mission is to rescue, resettle, and empower North Korean refugees. A normal day in North Korea is dangerous enough but when the flooding struck this past September, LiNK knew it had to act to help the over 100,000 thousand displaced North Koreans..

Using Klaviyo and Funraise, LiNK was able to mobilize their supporters and raise over $34,000 in less than 48 hours and over $50,000 during their flood fundraising campaign.

To do that LiNK quickly built:

  • A beautiful fundraising page dedicated to their emergency flood campaign
  • Send out an email to donors who would be willing to step up
  • Measure their success publicly to motivate others visiting their page
  • Follow up with those who had not given through email and social media

Using Funraise

Using Funraise, LiNK quickly built a beautiful fundraising page that they advertised through email and social media. By using emotional images and text, the page described the objective of the emergency campaign in a way that resonated with potential donors. The page made the goal of the campaign very clear and easy to measure. This helped to maximized contributions because of the clear goal and measurable progress. Most importantly though, LiNK was able to quickly design and build the page so they could capture their supporters willingness to help.

Creating an emergency alert donation campaign at this caliber is usually a pretty large effort, but we were able to respond quickly using the campaign site builder.” Tony Sasso, Creative Director


liberty in north korea fundraising page

Using Klaviyo

The integration between Klaviyo and Funraise allows marketers to use and measure their fundraising data within their email platform. LiNK’s ability to utilize this integration to more quickly segment their list and measure their email’s performance helped them to act quickly.

The first flood alert email from LiNK spurred hundreds of donations. Over $27,000 streamed in within the first few hours of the campaign. LiNK was able to track the number of transactions through Funraise and see how much the email impacted contributions. Within minutes of the email being sent, LiNK could see how their supporters’ were engaging, not only through opens and clicks, but also through dollars raised and number of transactions. LiNK was also able to determine who had not yet given but had received the email so they could reach back out.


liberty in north korea email template editor

The most important aspect of the campaign was its urgency. The “alert” type communication really helped grab supporters’ attention and the campaign page allowed them to learn more and respond immediately. Because LiNK was able to create their Funraise campaign page and send out email through Klaviyo so quickly, they were able to harness their supporters’ desire to help in a way that would really make a difference.

“In the past we would have coded the emails by hand because we wanted more than what other builders could do. This made creating new emails time consuming and limited who could be involved (required expert knowledge). With the Klaviyo builder we can act so much faster (and with more confidence in the stability of the email design).” Tony Sasso, Creative Director

Beautiful and effective emails in minutes

Liberty in North Korea fundraising email examples

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Connecting fundraising

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